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CM-2500C Portable 45/0 Spectrophotometer - Konica Minolta Sensing

Konica Minolta Sensing's CM-2500c is an industry leading 45/0 spectrophotometer. Traditional 45/0 spectrophotometers are subject to fluctuation in measurement results, particularly when measuring the color of uneven and textured surfaces. The CM-2500c is designed with an advanced optical system to achieve the highest level of stability. This makes the measurement of textured, curved, matte, and glossy surfaces light to dark in color, consistent and repeatable. The CM-2500c provides a higher uniformity of illumination, which results in higher correlation to visual evaluation. This optical system delivers more accurate readings by distributing light equally throughout a sample to capture the entirety of its color. Fluctuations in measurement readings are minimized even when the angle or position of the instrument changes, making the CM-2500c Spectrophotometer the instrument of choice for automotive interior parts, coil coatings, plastics, paint, packaging, and raw material applications. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the CM-2500c Spectrophotometer is powered by batteries or AC adapter so measurements can be taken anywhere. Manufacturers and quality control professionals have embraced this technology for its portability, precision, and unwavering performance. The large sample contact area offers close and stable contact, ensuring easy measurement of samples with curved surfaces such as automotive parts or soft samples. With a 360 – 740 nano meter wavelength range at 10 nanometer resolution, this instrument offers accurate results. The CM-2500c is fully equipped with hardware and software features. Data is displayed graphically or numerically for easy interpretation of measurement results. Select pass/fail, color difference, L A B color plot, and all necessary colorimetric equations with numerous industry and application specific indices to identify inconsistencies and ensure the sample meets the standard. With an excellent inter-instrument agreement of 0.25 average and internal software that communicates in 6 languages, the CM-2500c enables users to communicate and coordinate color both internally and throughout the global supply chain. A complete quality control and color management system is possible with the CM-2500c's internal software along with SpectraMagic NX, optional color quality control software. SpectraMagic NX allows you to configure graphic and numerical layout according to your needs, from Pass/Fail to more sophisticated analysis with spectral, color, and trend graphs. To improve color communication with customers and suppliers, SpectraMagic NX allows you to insert digital pictures in printed reports, another unique feature. The cm2500c is also compatible with Colibri software to formulate color recipes for various applications and share real-time measurements. The CM-2500c is truly a breakthrough instrument that offers 45/0 optical design with unprecedented accuracy and stability. For more information or to schedule a free demonstration with one of our color and appearance experts, visit us online at sensing.konicaminolta.us or call 888-473-2656.
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