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Metamerism   Color and Appearance Seminar Video
Metamerism “Meets Its Match”   Color & Appearance Seminars: What Are They?
Metamerism describes a pair of objects that color match under certain lighting conditions, but not under another. When a product’s color is inconsistent, the efficiency and amount of rejects in a company’s operations are impacted. This article discusses the effects of metamerism and how to minimize it.
Konica Minolta Sensing hosts seminars around the U.S. to discuss the element of color, how it is evaluated, and the components to an efficient color process. These educational workshops are designed to enhance each guest’s knowledge of the color process to apply within their own operations.
Penguin   Identifying and Evaluating Metamerism
A White (And Blue?) Winter Wonderland   Tech Tip: How To Identify And Evaluate Metamerism
Glaciers are one of nature’s bulldozers - sculpting and carving today’s landscapes with their massive bodies of deep, blue-colored ice. While their colors make for an awe-inspiring photograph, many curious minds wonder, “Why is snow white and glacier ice blue?”
When different pigments, color batches, or materials are used to produce different parts of one product, a color mismatch known as metamerism may occur. This technical note outlines how to properly evaluate samples under two or more different illuminants to identify and evaluate their metameric properties.

Did You Know?

While the color red represents love and Valentine’s Day to most, it also stimulates the appetite. When seen, this powerful color can raise blood pressure and trigger hunger. To influence consumers to purchase more, some restaurants, food manufacturers, and food packaging incorporate a red hue in their logo, product, or design.