Metamerism “Meets Its Match”

Metamerism [muh-tam-uh-riz-uhm] describes a pair of objects that match under a certain light source or set of viewing conditions, but not under another. Our co-worker's shirt and cardigan appeared to match in the incandescent lighting of her home, for example, but did not match under the fluorescent lighting of our office. This is a common problem for textile manufacturers, often with clothing pieces not matching under certain lighting due to variations in textile dyes used during manufacturing. Learn more >

Research Shows Men Really Dont See Eye to Eye With Women

It is well known that men and women perceive the world differently, often having conflicting views and ideas about things such as home decorating, clothing, and appearances. Recent research tells us that color vision plays an important part in our view of things and may have contributed to forming gender roles and stereotypes dating back to our hunter-gatherer past. Read more >

Identifying Food Dyes with Spectrophotometers

A spectrophotometer is a specialized instrument that can be used to measure and quantify the reflectance and transmittance properties of a sample material. Among the many uses of spectrophotometers is in the food industry where many foods are colored using federally specified and approved food dyes. Because these food dyes have been given rigorous chemical inspection, they have many properties that are well documented and that can be used to easily identify them. Read more >

Food Industry Color Control

When it comes to food, color and appearance are the most important first impressions, even before one’s olfactory sense is tickled with a pleasing aroma. Read more >

Color & Appearance Seminars
Color & Appearance seminars cover the fundamentals of color science and the elements to an effective color process within research and manufacturing environments. These educational seminars are attended by industry professionals with job functions in controlling the color quality, consistency, and appearance of their products or samples.

> Metamerism “Meets Its Match”

> Research Shows Men Really Dont See Eye to Eye With Women

> Identifying Food Dyes with Spectrophotometers

> Food Industry Color Control

MM-4e Controlled Lighting

The MM-4e light booth provides five spectrally different sources of illumination for precise color comparison and visual color assessment, easy detection of metamerism, and environment lighting duplication. Included with the MM-4e is a new digital control that confirms which source you have selected with an illuminated push button. This also provides easy one touch automatic light source sequencing. Learn more >

Light Booth Color Evaluation

From the manufacturing floor to the store shelf, different lighting conditions affect the color and appearance of products, packaging, and raw materials. To meet this challenge, Konica Minolta Sensing offers the GLE-series Luminaires as well as the CMB and Minimatcher series light booths. When used with Konica Minolta Sensing spectrophotometers and colorimeters; light-booths are an integral step in the color evaluation process. Watch video >

Coatings Trends & Technologies 2016 - Table #49
September 13 - 14, 2016
Lincolnshire, IL

Coatings Trends & Technologies (CTT), now in its 6th year, has become the go-to source for chemists, formulators and R&D personnel to find practical solutions to their formulation challenges that can be applied immediately and vital resources to help evolve with the changing trends in coatings technology. Event information >

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