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CL-500A Light Measurement Video   Advanced Display Technology Tablet
Video: Measuring Light with the CL-500A and T-10A Instruments   White Paper: Advanced Display Technology
Anita Jorgensen, IESNA, IALD, LEED, LC, has been practicing architectural lighting in New York for over 20 years.  She uses Konica Minolta's T-10A Illuminance Meter and CL-500A Illuminance Spectrophotometer on museum, exhibit, and architectural projects.  Watch the video to learn more about Anita's work using Konica Minolta instruments.  

  Display Technology is constantly evolving.  With the growth of the smartphone and tablet PC industries, demand for display technology is quickly increasing.  One of the most popular technologies for portable display devices is low-temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) TFT.  This technology has been widely used for LCD technologies in small and middle sized LCDs.

Basic Properties of LEDs       Measuring Light Intensity Using a Lux Meter
White Paper: Basic Properties of LEDs                                  Blog: Measuring Light Intensity Using a Lux Meter
Radiation from LEDs is generated by a semiconductor chip that has been mounted in a package.  LEDs can now be obtained in a wide range of designs and types that exert a significant influence on the spatial radiation characteristics of the particular LED.  Lenses, mirrors or diffusers can be built into the package to achieve specific spatial radiation characteristics.                              
Accurate and quantifiable measurement of light is essential in creating desired custom outcomes in practical day to day applications as well as unique applications.  From measuring the amount of light in a work space to ensuring emergency exits have proper illumination, light measurement & analysis is an important step in ensuring efficiency & safety.