SID Display Week 2019

Booth # 1528

San Jose McEnery Convention Center
150 West San Carlos Street San Jose, California 95113

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May 14th - 16th 2019

Exhibit Hall Hours:

May 14th: 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM
May 15th:  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
May 16th:  9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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About Our Event

The exhibition is the premier showcase for global information display companies and researchers to unveil cutting-edge developments in display technology. At Booth #1528, Instrument Systems GmbH and Konica Minolta Sensing will exhibit its next generation in light measurement...the CA-410 with its Type C demo conforming to the new color-matching functions for CIE 170-2:2015. The enhanced accuracy of the CA-410’s XYZ filters, pushes its spectral sensitivity even closer to the color-matching functions defined by CIE in 1931. The accuracy of chromaticity measurements has been further improved by calibrating the analyzer with reference that replicates the optical spectrum of current displays. Users can more accurately measure and adjust the chromaticity and white balance of displays that have a wide color gamut.

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In addition, Konica Minolta Sensing will be demonstrating their CS-2000A spectroradiometer. With the customized CS-2000A Spectroradiometer, one can measure a wide range of light and color of next-generation displays with extreme accuracy. When augmented reality (AR) glasses or virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays are used Konica Minolta Sensing’s CS-2000A Spectroradiometer is available to evaluate the levels of luminance, chromaticity and visible spectrums of virtual images. The CA-2500 2D color analyzer series is ideal for measuring the distribution of luminance and chromaticity on smart phones, tablet PC’s and larger sized panels. This valuable measurement instrument can quickly analyze the entire display surface for luminance and chromaticity. Visit us at Display Week in San Jose, California May 14-16th at Booth #1528 and learn more about our line of sophisticated display measuring instruments.

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Booth Staff

Jay Catral
Jay Catral, Chief Technical Advisor (Radiometrics), Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

Jay started with Minolta’s Photographic Division in 1992. In 2002 he later transferred to, what was then, Minolta’s Instrument Systems Division as the Master Technician for the Service Department. Jay attended De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines majoring in Electronics Engineering with a minor in Communications. Currently, Jay serves as Technical Sales and Applications Manager for Canada, Texas and Southeastern United States.

Mitch Eguchi
Mitch Eguchi, Sales Engineer (West), Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

Mitch majored in Applied Optics at Hokkaido University in Japan. His career includes interferometric metrologies and photolithography metrologies. After many years as an experienced Technical Sales Director in semiconductor equipment companies, he joined KMSA as a Business Development Manager, and is presently responsible for sales in the Pacific Coast region of the United States.

Kevin Lange
Kevin Lange, Applications Engineer, Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

Kevin graduated from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and held roles in Technical Sales and Applications. Specializing in optical related fields, Kevin has a deep knowledge of spectrometers, detectors, light sources, fiber optics, electronics and instrument control programming. In addition to product support, Kevin provides on-site product and calibration training, and programming support. More recently, display metrology has become Kevin’s current focus.

Randy Klimek
Randy Klimek, Sales Manager (Radiometric and Instrument Systems), Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

Randy is a graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology's Imaging and Photographic Technology B.S. program with a minor in Mathematics. He has held positions with the Department of Energy’s Laboratory for Laser Energetics, and GretagMacbeth. During his tenure at KMSA, he has held the positions of Technical Support Manager, Project Manager, Application Engineering Manager, Midwestern Sales Manager, Northeast Sales Manager, and currently oversees all sales of light and display instrumentation within North and South America. Randy specializes in light and color measurement instrumentation and software technologies applicable to a broad scope of industrial and scientific use, and applies this expertise to solve problems faced by industry and research alike.

Yonghan “Ethan” Lee
Yonghan “Ethan” Lee, Planning Manager, Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc.

Ethan was born and raised in South Korea. After graduating high school in South Korea, he moved to Japan to further his studies and earned a M.A. in Political Science at Waseda University. In 2012, Ethan joined Konica Minolta, Inc. in Japan where he held the title of Domestic Sales Representative of the Sensing Business Unit for about 3 years, both for Radiometrics and Color and Appearance. This position gave Ethan an in-depth experience and understanding of various product applications. Later, he supported Sensing Korea (Konica Minolta Sensing’s Korean branch) from every perspective on headquarters’ side and managed Sensing business expansion in the Taiwanese market simultaneously in the Asian Sales and Marketing department for about 3 years. This position gave him a good understanding of support experiences, especially for the display industry. Currently, Ethan works at KMSA as a corporate planning manager which includes support, especially for the Radiometric sales team, communicating with Japan’s Research and Development.