Catch Print Pro

BasICColor Catch


PrintProfiler – Full control

Catch Print Pro enables professional users to take control of all parameters for their ICC profiles. The separation strategy can be chosen to meet specific requirements. General black generation as well as special needs for neutral greys can be influenced. Control of tone value limits ensures best profile quality even for critical printing processes.

Companies loose a lot of time with manual retouching caused by faulty gamut mapping. For optimal image reproduction Catch Print Pro offers high sophisticated gamut mapping strategies. The built-in batch profiling solution ensures an efficient workflow for creating profiles with different parameters. The unique multispectral measurements of Konica Minolta's FD-series instruments can be processed into optimized profiles for different viewing conditions in seconds.

Match expectations – Profile iteration made easy

To match customers' references, machine profiles have to be updated regularly. Catch Print Pro enables iterative profile corrections to match references without losing production time. Directly from your QC-Job, the machine profile can be adjusted to match the reference within tight tolerances. Waste of time and materials is limited to a minimum and production time is maximized.

Match expectations – Spotcolours without experiments

Customers want to see their brand colours matched perfectly. Catch Print Pro enables objective optimization of spot colours for your printing equipment. With the built-in high end colour engine, the best CMYK combination to match your customers colour is displayed immediately. This ensures maximum production time by avoiding guess work.