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To ensure customer satisfaction the quality of a printed product has to be controlled and recorded. Meeting a customer’s requirements accurately saves time and resources. Catch QC offers an intuitive way to control all printed products including proofs and conventional and digital prints. Relevant standards such as ISO 12647-2/-7/-8 and FOGRA PSD® are fully supported. In addition, customized evaluations allow the establishment of a quality management system that fits your business requirement and equipment.

The statistical analysis offers an objective assessment of the quality by tracking the quality of print runs and machine performance.

QC Color Evaluation Window

QC Color evaluation window

QC Color – Objective color control

The Color of a printed product is the most important criteria for your customer. Respectively, QC Color is the tool to establish an objective color quality control. Thanks to its flexibility, QC Color allows you to control your products according to standards or to use customized criteria and tolerances requested by customers. Quality check and reports are obtained within seconds. Direct output of reports to PDF, label printers, servers and even Online QC databases is supported. Easy one-click setup enables QC for everyone.

Intuitive Color Control

Intuitive color control

QC Print – Objective PSO control

Today's print buyers request objective control of offset print jobs according to PSO (ISO 12647-2/-3). QC Print is your tool to check your prints and report the achieved quality with ease. Solid coloration and tone values are presented as intuitive evaluation for a quick check. A detailed report enables analysis of all measured colors in case of issues.

PSO Control Made Easy

PSO control made easy

QC Visual – Total control and overview at a glance

Color is the most important quality criterion for printed products. However, there are other criteria’s to be checked. Whether it's the folding, the stitching or the registration – QC Visual is the perfect tool to specify important quality criteria’s of the final product to be checked and reported.

QC Statistics – More than just statistics

The analysis of a series of QC measurements enables advantages for numerous applications.

  • The control of a complete print run is obtained in a second.
  • Information about the stability of a proofing system is available, without additional efforts, by analyzing the Proof-QC jobs that are done regularly.
  • Optimal calibration intervals can be defined to maximize time of a production printing system.

QC Statistics is your tool to take control of the output quality of your printing business.

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis