Instrument Systems LED Tester

Instrument Systems LED Tester
Instrument Systems Light Measurement


Now you can transfer the precision of laboratory measurements to production settings with this turnkey LED test system. This system is based on the proven CAS 140CT CCD Array Spectrometer, Keithley Series 2400/2600 Sourcemeter, and a control PC combined with tester software developed in-house. You get outstanding measuring accuracy of the CAS 140CT as the interplay between all the components has been optimized for operations in conditions of continuous application in production environments.

The system is excellent at measuring critical measuring parameters, e.g. color coordinates of white LEDs, extremely precisely and reproducibly. Calibrations are based on the PTB and NIST national reference standards. And the Keithley 2600 delivers fast current supply to the LEDs permitting short measurement times.

Software for the this tester is comprised of a user-friendly interface with a multitude of functions so you can select different results and structure their display to suit the application. Hardware setup is provided with an entering page to configure parameters and settings for each application. To permit versatile display with the wafer map, a module is provided specifically for wafer probing.

PDF Click here for the LED Tester Brochure.


  • Constant high level of measuring accuracy and stability, also during continuous operation
  • Very short measuring times for high test volumes
  • Very high reliability through self-diagnosis of the CAS 140CT
  • Only LED Tester with genuine absolute measurement in conformity with CIE-127
  • Configurable tests for all optical and electrical parameters of LEDs
  • Simple connection to sorting machines and wafer probers

Further Information


LED Tester
Measuring cycle
Shortest measuring time with One-Chip LED 30 msec
Shortest measuring time with Three-Chip LED 59 msec
Interface to sorting machine
Digital inputs End of Test Signal
Digital outputs Start of Test, Busy, End of Sequence (MultiDie Testing), Bin Results (8x)
Connections Optical insulation of all input/output lines
Electrical measurements with Keithley 2600 & Scanner
Keithley 2600 Scanner (optional for MultiDie Testing)
Current range 0 to ± 3.0 A Number of dies (chips) Up to 16
Voltage range 0 to ± 40 V Connections Joint cathode/anode or separate connections
Number of channels 1 to 8 (optional)    
Max. output power 0 to 40W    
Choice of 2 or 4-wire measurement for all single dies (chips); Automated polarity detection