Can LEDs Help You Make a Better Cocktail?

Whether you have one favorite drink you make every time, or if you’re more adventurous with your mixed beverages LEDs can make your next cocktail party, or quiet after work “you time” even more satisfying.

Meet the MixStik. The MixStik uses LED technology to make any average Joe a master mixologist. The device is simple enough; it’s a long waterproof stick blender that has a line of LED lights along the MixStik from the handle to the tip. The LEDs in the MixStik are durable, long-lasting and energy sipping making it an efficient and nifty little gadget. Once you want to get the party started you simply switch on the Bluetooth technology in the handle and connect it to your phone.

Using a specialized MixStik app you can pull up your favorite drink recipes from the apps extensive catalog. Once you select your beverage of choice the MixStik color codes the ingredients, lighting up the LEDs along the handle to show you exactly how much of each ingredient you need to pour into the glass to concoct the perfect cocktail.

Not only does the MixStik help you show off your bartending skills, the app will also allow you to use up the supplies you already have. You can tell the app the ingredients you already have and it will suggest a list of drinks with those ingredients for you. It also lets you measure your shaker so that regardless of your shaker size the LEDs will always accurately tell you exactly how much of each ingredient needs to go in.

Where can you get one of these awesome gizmos? Nowhere…yet. The MixStik is due to hit Kickstarter at the end of September but there’s quite a lot of buzz about it already. Compared to the smart shaker that the MixStik company originally tried to fund last year, the MixStik itself looks like it’s a smaller, smarter and more cost-effective alternative.

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