Here Comes the Sun!

You may never have to suffer the blues from a cloudy day every again. A new initiative funded by European researchers has led to an all-new innovation in light nanotechnology. Science has now been able to replicate the light emitted by the sun! A new product called CoeLux, is an LED system that simulates the sunlight spectrum. This may not sound new but, CoeLux goes one important step further. Prior to CoeLux, there were LED full spectrum lights available that emitted light similar to that of sunlight, but the lighting effect was not natural and not fine-tuned.

The creators of CoeLux are not only able to replicate sunlight, but they’ve also created an optical system that creates the sensation of distance between the sky and the sun using nanostructures that are only a few millimeters thick. This design effectively recreates the entire Rayleigh scattering process, which is how real sunlight scatters in the atmosphere. All of this has been built into an “indoor window”system that will revolutionize indoor architectural design.

Even more incredible is that the creators of CoeLux are not only able to replicate the sunlight spectrum. They are also able to adjust the LED system to mimic the way light appears during certain times of the day like morning, midday, and sunset and even how light looks in different parts of the world. This means they can replicate a dawn in Northern Europe or the midday glow of the sun on the Mediterranean with a fine-tuned exactness hitherto unseen by LED system innovations. With this kind of highly sensitive and reactive LED technology the need for accurate LED testing systems has never been greater. Equipment like Instrument Systems CAS 120 in conjunction with EOP-120 measurement testing equipment is very capable of measuring LED systems like CoeLux and can ensure that these new LED systems will continue to perform at peak.

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