Konica Minolta acquires Instrument Systems, focuses on enlarging its illuminance meter and other measurement-technology markets

In order to stay competitive in our markets and continue to provide the most advanced light meter technology available, the Konica Minolta Group must make wise and timely investments. Konica Minolta Optics (KMOP), part of our business group, did just that when it acquired Instrument Systems GmbH (IS), a German manufacturer of light measurement equipment.

The announcement came December 3, 2012 from the Japanese offices of Konica Minolta, a leading manufacturer of light meters and other optical test instruments for industrial uses.

It was in April that the Konica Minolta Group undertook to reorganize its various optical businesses in order to focus more directly on potential future growth markets. Until then the businesses operated as component and parts suppliers for personal computers, digital electronics and other consumer-oriented industrial sectors with limited potential.

The goal of the reorganization was higher profit with more market stability. The acquisition of IS was a smart move as Konica Minolta for years was already recognized as a leading producer of light meters and a company that delivered light source color measurement products like the industry standard CL-200A and CS-150A.

IS also is well known as a supplier of light and display measurement technologies including colorimeters, integrated spheres, goniometers, imaging photometers and spectrometers. The company is a leader both in the development of new technologies and in sales.

Specializing in measurement and test solutions, its products cover the gamut from lab and quality control applications to production testing for LED lighting that is among the fastest ever developed. Within the display measurement field, IS s market share has risen in market segments featuring top-of-the-line and high-performance instruments.

KMOP will now realize a more expansive line of light meters and other display measurement products. Already the company leads its market in light meter technology, and the acquisition of IS will only enhance its activity in light source measurement that includes both LED and OLED (organic light-emitting diode).

Now operating in the capacity of a KMOP consolidated subsidiary, IS continues its sales, production and technology and product development in Berlin and Munich, Germany.

It is through investments such as the IS acquisition that the Konica Minolta Group is able to continue to provide its industrial and healthcare customers with cutting-edge illuminance meters and maintain its position as the worldwide leader in light meter technology.

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