LED Accessory Helps Photographers Get Up Close and Personal With Macro Subjects

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and for many photographers it becomes a personal quest to capture that singular, perfect shot taken at just the right moment. Many photographers love to go large, capturing expansive landscapes, dazzling sunsets, exotic locations and incredible action shots but some of the most striking and incredible photography can happen just by choosing to take a much closer look at the world around us.

Macro photography does exactly that by taking close up images of details that either can’t be seen or are often overlooked by the naked eye. For example, normally we would notice a ladybug sitting on a leaf, but when photographed using macro photography we can see the scaling and grabby hairs on its legs and intricate veining on the leaf’s surface.

Often these images provide us with a new look at items that exist around us every day, but at a level of detail we’ve never seen. For photographers, macro photography provides the opportunity to capture some amazing one-of-a-kind shots. With great reward usually comes great difficulty and macro photography can be extraordinarily challenging to do correctly.

One of the biggest challenges is properly lighting macro subjects since the extreme close up often means that the photographer is limited when it comes to properly lighting their tiny subjects. Current systems take a long time to set up, are very expensive, and are often not effective. Thanks to a new LED innovation, the Adaptalux, macro photography is taking a big step forward.

The Adaptalux is a small portable modular lighting system that has flexible LED arms. This enables macro photographers to have greater control and creativity when lighting the details of their small subjects. The LEDs allows for continuous lighting output giving the user continuous high-quality lighting at all times.

The Adaptalux is extremely customizable, with a number of components that can attach to the heads of the LED arms to create certain kinds of light diffusion, color filtering of light, and even a stage and backdrop unit that will allow macro photographers to take greater control of their subject’s environment.

Photographers can also dim and brighten their tiny lighting system as necessary to meet more precise lighting needs. Eventually, Adaptalux hopes to have a smartphone app that will allow users to share their lighting configurations with others. Right now, they have an active Kickstarter campaign and are well on their way to completing their goal. The retail value for this modular lighting system is much lower than prior systems and hopes to come in at a modest $250 to $450 depending on the setup you’re looking for.

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