Let There Be Light… Even In The Woods At Night!

Once upon a time when camping in the woods at night, the only light available to you was from your campfire or the moon. But thanks to an Australian company you can now rely on solar power to shine a little light on your campsite or to recharge your cell phone should you need to call for help when the bears come sniffing around.

The light comes to the camping world by way of Tent Pole Power designed by Doble Outdoors Australia. Tent Pole Power is basically a tent pole that includes a solar collector that can power a portable camping light and has a USB device charger. The batteries can be charged to supply up to 250 hours of light at a time.

The idea for the device was inspired by Doble Outdoors Australia’s founder Simon Doble after he came home from a camping trip. He looked about and saw all these tent poles around him idly doing nothing but holding up tents.

Since you have to pitch a tent with the poles anyway, why not put them to some good use by allowing them to capture some rays which you could turn into power for some much needed light, a chance to use your phone or perhaps your electric shaver. After all, you don’t want to be isolated when out in the woods, do you?

The final product that Mr. Doble devised is lightweight, has a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic coating, and contains no glass in any of its components.

Tent Pole Power has more serious benefits than just bringing the comforts of home to campers everywhere. It is also indispensable for use in disaster relief areas where thousands have been displaced. It’s easily transportable into the field and can bring a bit of comfort and light to people who need it desperately.

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