Spectrometer Selection for LED Measurement

Since not every spectrometer is suitable for LED measurements, you should make your selection based on stringent criteria. Spectrometers from Instrument Systems are designed to meet and exceed these criteria, and provide you with a platform for carrying out accurate and reliable measurements.

Array spectrometers have short measuring times. The CAS140CT array spectrometers are simple to operate, extremely robust and have very short measuring times. This is due to the fact that these instruments have no moving mechanical parts apart from the shutter for measuring dark current. These properties make array spectrometers particularly suitable for applications in quality assurance and production.

Scanning spectrometers provide the highest precision. The high signal dynamic range and wavelength resolution of SPECTRO320 scanning spectrometer make it possible to conduct especially precise measurements. These spectrometers are based on an innovative grating drive that delivers high wavelength accuracy, high spectral resolution, and fast scanning in the same unit. Exceptionally low levels of stray light in the monochromator and dynamic adjustment of signal gain while the spectrum is being recorded ensure a high signal dynamic range and absolute measurement accuracy.

Main criteria for spectrometers suitable for taking accurate LED measurements
Stray light rejection 3 to 4 orders of magnitude
Linearity Better than ± 1. 5% over the entire measuring range and integration time
Signal-to-noise-ratio 3 to 4 orders of magnitude, making cooled detectors preferable
Sensitivity Light loss with CIE-compliant optical probes demands extremely high sensitivity

Instrument Systems supplies spectrometers (both array and scanning technology) that have been optimized for various applications. The instruments are operated by SpecWinPro software running under Windows. Windows DLLs are available for all spectrometers to create customer specific programs.

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