The FD Spectrodensitometer for Color Measurement in Packaging and Printing

Accurate color measurements are essential to quality control in the packaging and printing industries. Cutting-edge color measurement technologies are key to consistent production of exact coloration. These industries rely on spectrodensitometers to measure the color, density, and spectral data of ink.

The substrate onto which inks are applied influences human color perception, though. In particular, fluorescent whitening agents readily distort perception of certain ink colors on various types of whitened and brightened printing paper products. Accounting and adjusting for the ways in which fluorescent whitening agents affect color perception is a longstanding complication for printing and packaging companies. Konica Minolta’s FD Spectrodensitometer is an exciting new way to achieve reliable ink color measurements that take into account the fluorescence of the substrate.

Real-World Color Measurement with the FD Spectrodensitometer

Finally, packagers and printers have a tool for taking color measurements that more closely match visual color perception. Research, design, and manufacturing can now be completed with data that doesn’t merely reflect mechanical quantification, but that also captures the human experience with colors. The FD Spectrodensitometer sees inks printed on fluorescent substrates the way people do.

The effects of substrate fluorescence on color are particularly profound under natural light or Illuminant D50. This artificial light source is certified by the Commission Internationale de L’Éclairage (CIE), or the International Commission on Illumination, as an accurate simulation of daylight. The FD Spectrodensitometer uses Konica Minolta’s unique Virtual Fluorescence Standard technology to provide reliable color measurement specifically under Illuminant D50. This ensures that packaging and printing companies achieve accurate color evaluation under the real-world conditions that matteroutside the factory.

A Groundbreaking Spectrodensitometer for Color Readings

The FD Spectrodensitometer was carefully designed with packaging and printing needs in mind. Its features make this equipment consistently accurate, user-friendly, and unique in the color measurement industry. This tool is the world’s first Measurement Condition M1-type spectrodensitometer. In addition to performing color measurements corresponding to ISO 13655 Measurement Condition M1 (with CIE Illuminant D50), it also performs readings corresponding to ISO 13655 Measurement Conditions M0 (with CIE Illuminant A) and M2 (with UV-cut filter illumination).

Konica Minolta’s FD Spectrodesitometer is also the world’s lightest weight spectrodensitometer for unmatched mobility and ease of operation. It features the first automated wavelength compensation function among spectrodensitometers, too. Until now, this function was only performed during manufacturer servicing; now, it is undergone automatically during every white calibration.

Color Measurement Solutions for Packaging and Printing

Clearly displayed step-by-step instructions appear on the FD Spectrodensitometer’s high-quality LCD screen to assist with use. Combined with intuitive controls for measurements of color, density, illumination, dot gain, and dot area ratio, this device provides easy-to-use solutions for the packaging and printing industries. For more information on the FD Spectrodensitometer, including a product overview and accounting of its features and specifications, please visit

Konica Minolta is also proud to offer SpectraMagic NX Lite color data software. This superior, user-friendly color quality control software gives the printing and packaging industries powerful tools for computer-based color measurements, pass/fail assessments, comparisons, print formatting, and much more. See additional information about SpectraMagic NX Lite color data software, including the product’s features and specifications, at

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