Why You Should Use Our Colibri Color Management Software

When working with colors, no matter your role or client, you need to ensure that you’re managing them correctly. For example, brand colors need to be a uniform shade across a variety of materials and screens that may make them appear different, even if just slightly. There is a lot to keep track of, like color specification, production and color communication. Konica Minolta Sensing’s Colibri Color Management Suite can help. It’s the most powerful color formulation and matching software available. This user-friendly platform utilizes a single database and allows users to put in Add-ons or Modules, depending on what the business needs. This way, a business’s supply chain can quickly access color data for brands and projects.

Within the suite are four pieces of software. One, ColorMatch, uses an algorithm to predict how colors and opacity will appear on a range of materials. This includes a color recipe calculation set-up to ensure uniform colors across different substrates or plastics. It is also compatible with all of Konica Minolta Sensing’s spectrophotometers, as well as a number of other ones.

In ColorSpec, brands can set up what colors and color standards they want to use and then send these to other companies. By using this software, you can easily and quickly see if your designs match set criteria because it can calculate color consistency early on.

The ColorQuality software is a great boon for controlling production. In addition to monitoring colored products and serving as quality control, it also allows for great color communication between departments. There’s also the chart mode, which lets users see how deviations in the background material impact color.

Finally, ColorTint helps to regulate how colored products actually appear. This software can help dispense color recipes manually or automatically in the lab or production, simplifying work orders and flow.

So, no matter what you’re looking to do with color management, the Colibri Suite is the perfect software. Get yours today and discover why Konica Minolta Sensing is the standard in measuring color.

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