Automotive August 2021 Newsletter
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August Automotive Newsletter

From single component manufacture to the integration of light modules in the vehicle interior, automotive suppliers must satisfy the strict spectral and photometric requirements of the OEM compliance guidelines. Konica Minolta Sensing and Instrument Systems work together to offer filter-based camera systems for determining luminance and color, all-in-on solutions for quality control in production lines, goniometric display characterizations and spectroradiometric display test systems.

It is essential to have the right measuring equipment. Depending on the task at hand, attention must be paid to the choice of a suitable system in terms of precision, measurement speed and efficiency.

What is your individual challenge? Contact us and together we can find the right solution.

Wish to learn more? View our Automotive Industry page and view our automotive portfolio of instruments to see a snapshot of our available products.

Automotive Industry Page

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Automotive Measurement

Preview our Spectrally corrected display and VCSEL measurement video from Instrument Systems. Instrument Systems specializes in LED and solid state lighting and display measurement, along with  spectroradiology and photometry in which one can use our high-resolution array spectroradiometers as an efficient alternative for in-process inspection in a 24/7 production environment.

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Aerospace Webinar

Advances in display technology within the aerospace industry requires the ability to evaluate the quality and performance of displays so that it can easily and clearly be understood and deciphered by pilots in making accurate and timely decisions. Register now for our Aerospace Webinar as we review and discuss instruments that can measure display systems in the flight deck of an aircraft: including Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) compatibility, 2D imaging camera systems, spot meters, and AR/VR applications. To learn more register now for our newest webinar: Aerospace Measurement scheduled for September 23rd 2021.

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Automotive Webinar

Learn more in this engaging seminar focusing on how advanced light and display measurement technology can increase your productivity, raise your quality standards, and improve your manufacturing processes. Konica Minolta Sensing recognizes that it is imperative that brightness and color remain consistent from vehicle to vehicle. Our equipment enables you to accurately measure interior/exterior lighting, as well as the evaluation of micro, curved and small displays to ensure vehicle specifications are met or exceeded.  Register now for our Automotive Measurement Webinar scheduled for October 14th 2021.

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Featured Products:

CA-410 Probes

These probes are not only our latest technological advancement but is also the first of its kind in the industry. Used with our highly recognized Display Color Analyzer CA-410, these probes are designed particularly for AR/VR micro-display and curved OLED display applications for luminance, chromaticity, and flicker (in JEITA, VESA and FMA). These new small spot probes measure ⌀2.1mm, ⌀4mm and viewing angle characteristics with our ⌀10mm long-working distance probe.

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LumiCam 2400 B Series

LumiCam 2400B is an imaging colorimeter providing precise determination of luminance and color distribution in a matter of seconds. The LumiCam 2400B is available in a compact design featuring new lenses with motorized apertures and focus settings, and available in various different focal lengths. The LumiCam series is ideal for use in the automotive interior and aviation industries, providing easy and reliable measurements of displays and control elements. It is equally suitable for use with tests done in the laboratory and in quality assurance for small batch production.

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