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White Papers – Total Appearance Evaluation of Car Body

An automotive finish is made of multiple layers. Each layer has a purpose and along with the topcoat contributes to achieving a smooth automobile body surface. If any of the layers are rough or contaminated this will impact the ultimate quality of the finish.

Color measurement and appearance are essential in many areas of today’s automotive manufacturing environment and require the ability to measure subtle differences in color and appearance. An automotive paint finish must instantly make a positive visual impact on a customer to achieve maximum impact. In order to achieve this, the overall surface finish must display both high quality and harmony.

Read our white paper on the Total Appearance of the Automotive Exterior and learn more.

Total Appearance Evaluation of Car Body
Blog:The Challenges of Controlling automotive color and appearance

Controlling The Automotive Exterior

It is tough to qualify the exterior color of a vehicle. It is particularly difficult to measure metallic and pearlescent coatings, which are utilized to produce the dynamic look of today's top automobiles. Depending on the lighting and viewing conditions, both aluminum and mica flakes in the paint will reflect differently and change color and brightness. To solve this challenge, a measuring device that can capture the color and appearance of vehicle exteriors from multiple angles would be the optimal solution. Discover how to manage the challenges of the automotive exterior in our blog.

Manage The Auto Exterior

Featured Products:

Rhopoint TAMS
Total Appearance Management System

Rhopoint TAMS™ is an innovative technology that models human perception of surface appearance quality, providing new parameters that revolutionize the understanding and communication of visual appearance information. Color management and appearance are essential in many areas of today’s automotive manufacturing environment and require the ability to measure subtle differences in color and appearance. The Rhopoint TAMS records the images at different focus levels and computes the characteristics with the aid of perception algorithms.

Rhopoint TAMS


Multi-angle Spectrophotometer

 The CM-M6 is a portable multi-angled spectrophotometer is designed specifically for determining the color of metallic or effect paints. This multi-angle method gives you six points of observation from two sides so that you can measure painted parts accurately. Due to its compact and lightweight vertical design, it allows for fast and accurate quality control in production lines. As paints and coatings get more complex, maintaining consistent brightness and color standards becomes increasingly vital. Learn more about the multi-faceted spectrophotometer CM-M6.


Related Resources:

Video – Multi-Angle Spectrophotometer CM-M6

Konica Minolta Sensing designed the handheld Spectrophotometer CM-M6 to help manufacturers and quality control professionals worldwide manage color for the automotive industry. The CM-M6 Spectrophotometer measures auto exterior surfaces at 6 different angles – ideal for capturing the complex effects of paint on automotive exteriors. To learn more or to schedule a free demonstration with one of our color and appearance experts check out our informational video on the CM-M6.


Webinar – Measuring Color and Gloss with the CM-26dG

Color and gloss spectrophotometers are often impractical because they provide correlated gloss measurements, but the CM-26dG is equipped with an integrated true 60° (universal gloss angle) gloss sensor that allows operators to measure color and true gloss simultaneously. The new CM-26dG is Konica Minolta Sensing’s reference for high-precision color and gloss management. In this webinar, KMSA goes over how to define gloss, improvements over the CM-2600d, and brand-new features for the CM-26dG. Learn to measure color and true gloss with the high-performance spectrophotometer CM-26dG.

Measure Color and Gloss


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