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How Can A Display Waveform Be Measured Quickly and Accurately?

To meet your needs of evaluating flicker on display, Konica Minolta Sensing Americas offers a diversified collection of measurement probes for its popular Display Color Analyzer CA-410 Series and its standard PC Software CA-S40.

Our CA-410 probes have a flicker measurement capability using JEITA, VESA, and FMA method, allowing for individualized custom weighting factors to detect flicker. The latest CA-410’s PC Software CA-S40 includes a useful and intuitive waveform measurement feature. Preview the CA-S40 video clip to see a short demo.

The CA-S40 displays the flicker measurement results in a waveform graph and power spectrum graph with detailed measurement information which include: maximum flicker value (dB), detected frequency (Hz), and luminance max/min/average values. This feature helps test and realize the low-consumption performance of the PWM-driven display, as shown in OLEDs.

CA-S40 software also detects frequency automatically, providing more accurate display evaluations. This is beneficial when a DUT’s driving frequency is not precisely known and provides sampling of a waveform exactly in accordance with the DUT’s actual driving frequency.

PC Software CA-S40 Includes:

  • Flicker Evaluation in JEITA / VESA / FMA
  • Quick & Accurate Waveform Measurement
  • Auto Frequency Scanning Available
  • Easily convertible for use with Excel
  • Clearly shows both sampling and original data
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Preview Video:

Waveform Software CA-S40 Video

Preview latest software development for CA-410 Display Color Analyzer... the CA-S40. This software shows a visual representation of a waveform for easy and intuitive measurements of factors influencing flicker. This automated approach helps establish a readable representation of the signal thus more efficient troubleshooting.

CA-S40 Video

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To help meet your display measurement needs, Konica Minolta Sensing Americas offers a diversified collection of measurement probes for its popular Display Color Analyzer CA-410. Our probes are ideal for small spot measurements on micro displays, useful in multi-angle measurements, suitable for HDR applications, and capable of measuring waveform and flicker, and gamma. These probes make for a seamless fit for use in production lines that requires high-speed gamma adjustment in particular and also laboratories worldwide.

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Display Color Analyzer

The CA-410 display color analyzer is designed for measuring increasingly sophisticated modern OLED displays screens. The CA-410 offers improved spectral sensitivity and chromaticity readings. Whether you are analyzing a display with ultra-low or high brightness, the highly versatile CA-410 delivers precise evaluations and reliable performance. In addition our new progressive probes are designed particularly for AR/VR micro-display and curved OLED display applications for luminance, chromaticity and VESA/JEITA flicker. These small spot probes measure ⌀2.1mm, ⌀4mm as well as viewing angle characteristics with our ⌀10mm long-working distance probe.

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