Learn the secret to maintaining the color of the automotive exterior.
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White Paper: Appearance Control and Management

Stepping into a dealership can be thrilling; all of the shining cars and rich color schemes can create a memorable purchase experience for a new or returning consumer. Today's consumers purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by the brand, design, and color quality. Low-grade color quality can turn away a potential consumer costing you a high-ticket sale. This places the responsibility on manufacturers to ensure that every vehicle leaves the manufacturing line with superior color quality. Monitoring the manufacturing line and the supply chain is crucial to guaranteeing consistency, predictability, and dependability. Learn more about color control and management in our white paper.

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SpectraMagicTM NX Software Update!

With the new update, Windows®11 will be supported along with Windows®10; however, Windows® 7, 8, and 8.1 will no longer be supported. Additionally, the following discontinued Color & Appearance Measurement instruments will no longer be supported by the update; CM-3500d, CM-3600d, CM-3610d, CM-3700d, and CM-512m3. Click here for our current line of Color & Appearance Measurement instruments.

NX Software Update

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Webinar: Rhopoint IQ-S On-Demand Webinar

Unlike ordinary gloss meters, which only measure gloss, the Rhopoint IQ-S detects and measures all surface flaws. The Rhopoint IQ-S measures not just Gloss but also RSPEC*, Reflectance Haze, Image Distinctness, Reflected Image Quality, and Goniophotometric Profile. Importantly, IQ-S gloss measurements are completely consistent with current Micro-TRI-gloss - S results. Learn more about measuring surface appearance with the Rhopoint IQ-S in our on demand webinar. 

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Video: Multi Angle Spectrophotometer CM-M6

The hand-held Spectrophotometer CM-M6 controls the color of complex paints of the automotive exterior. The CM-M6 provides measurement data at six selectable angles and is ideal for capturing high-end metallic and pearlescent effect paint. As paints and coatings become more complex, it is important that brightness and other color-related standards remain consistent. Watch how the CM-M6 can save time and effort in this video. 


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Calibration and Maintenance

At Konica Minolta Sensing America’s state-of-the-art service and repair facility, we understand that accuracy is a critical factor regarding your measurement requirements. Providing high-quality service and care to our service center customers is part of the high standards we set for making our sensing instruments. A yearly calibration ensures the accuracy of your instrument over time. Check out our Video on the Benefits of Regular Calibration.

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Trade-In Limited Time Offer

The design of our spectrophotometers is centered on providing reliable, long-lasting products. A color measurement instrument from Konica Minolta Sensing can reduce errors, giving you accurate and consistent color control. Each model improves productivity, reduces color inaccuracies, and offers a range of options. For a limited time, we are offering a trade-in discount on our industry-leading spectrophotometers if you trade in your old Konica Minolta color instrument or a competitor's color measurement device.

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