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February Newsletter

When determining a measurement an important question is "Are we really measuring the just area we believe we are measuring?" If you do not have faith in the measurements, obtained then the value of the data given will be of little use. It is important to know that the repeatability and accuracy of an instrument is consistent so that the overall cost of errors reduced to a minimum. Once such way is thru using instruments that hold ISO certifications.

When you obtain calibration service of  ISO-17025 from Konica Minolta, your instrument will have the calibration standards and tools associated with the ISO-17025 calibration process and are certified by ISO-17025 accredited metrology labs. You will also receive a statement of uncertainty included in the calibration certificate, giving you a higher degree of certainty of how much the reported calibration data of the device tested may vary from the known actual value of the calibration standard measured.

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LEDs Light Up the Night:

If you have attended a concert or festival, you may have experienced the use of lighted wristbands synchronized to the rhythm of the music. Read the blog "LEDs Light Up the Night With a Flick of the Wrist" and learn the technology behind the dynamic bracelets.

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Light Meter Brochure

Light is essential for the perception of color, vital to visual information. Accurate measurement or specification of lighting is crucial in many industries: ensuring heritage isn't damaged by excess light, providing enough light for safe driving or for performing complex or detailed work. Being able to accurately measure light is necessary for producing reliable data. Browse our light meter brochure to find out more about our instruments and the technology behind them.

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LEDucation 2022

We are very excited to have you join us at the live event at LEDucation 2022 this March 15th-16th. Sales and application engineers will be onsite to discuss high-performance spectroradiometers for testing LEDs, displays, and any application questions you may have. We hope to see you there! Stop by our table and say hello.If you would like to attend LEDucation you may register now. Can't attend? A virtual day will also be offered on March 14th for those interested in attending any of the lectures or talks.

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Featured Products:


The CL500a is the first illuminance spectrophotometer that conforms to both DIN and JIS standards, and, is traceable to NIST. With the accuracy of a spectrometer, this portable light meter ensures the highest precision and repeatability in the market when measuring the illuminance and chromaticity of light. RGB and XY values are unmatched when compared to competing light meters. Accurately measuring today’s emitters such as LED, OLED, and gas-discharge light sources is a challenge for typical light meters. The CL500a precisely measures the narrow band spectral distribution of today’s LED products.

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T-10A Iluminance Meter & T-S10w Software

This video highlights features of the T-S10w software. Konica Minolta Sensing, the standard for measuring color and light, offers optional Data Management Software T-S10w with the T10A and T-10MA illuminance Meters. T-10 series instruments measure the amount of light that falls on a surface and you can configure them in many ways. Konica Minolta Sensing’s TS-10w software allows you to connect the T10A and T-10MA to your computer and perform illuminance measurements. Review the video highlighting features of the T-S10w software.

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