Colored lights help plants achieve different goals.. Read this and more in our February Newsletter
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February Newsletter

Light is an important factor, in cultivating plants.

The horticulture lighting market is expected to grow to $9.4 billion in 2027. This compound annual growth of 24% is based on demand and the legalization of cannabis.  The daily light integral (DLI) indicates the daily ambient light within a 24-hour time frame within any given month across the USA. In knowing the optimal DLI level of your specific plant directly correlates to the success of your yield. Not only can too little light affect the growth of your crop but also too much light can prevent it from properly performing photosynthesis.  Light meters can help measure the active radiation light wavelength needed and a proper DIL can be determined.

Want to learn more? Read our blog "Measuring Light in Greenhouses with the CL-500A Illuminance Spectrophotometer".

Read our Blog:

Can Colored Lights Affect How Plants Grow?

Different colored lights help plants achieve different goals. Advanced LED technology is now making it possible to control the kinds of colored light we provide plants in controlled environments.

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LEDucation 2023

NY Hilton Midtown
March 7th-8th

Visit Konica Minolta Sensing at LEDucation in midtown NYC this March.

Virtual Conference Date Hours: (EST)
Monday March 6th
:        9:00am-5:30pm

In-Person Live Date Hours: (EST)
Tuesday March 7th:     10:00am-6:00pm
Wednesday March 8th:

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LightFair 2023

Jacob Javits Convention Center
May 23rd-25th

Meet our lighting team at LightFair this May at the Javits Center in NYC this May at booth 1964.

Exhibit Hall Hours: (EDT)
Tuesday May 23rd
:      10:00am-6:00pm
Wednesday May 24th: 10:00am-6:00pm
Thursday May 25th:     10:00am-3:00pm

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Featured Products:

CL-500A Illuminance
Color Meter

The CL500a is the first illuminance spectrophotometer that conforms to both DIN and JIS standards, and, is traceable to NIST. With the accuracy of a spectrometer, this portable light meter ensures the highest precision and repeatability in the market when measuring the illuminance and chromaticity of light.

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CS-150 Luminance
Color Meter

Konica Minolta's CS-150 tristimulus colorimeter is equipped with newly designed sensors that more closely match the CIE 1931 color-matching functions representing the sensitivity of the human eye to provide measurement results that better correlate with visual evaluation. Automatic mode automatically sets the measurement time according to the brightness of the target. 

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