Master the challenge of quality maintenance with recycled materials - A must-read for manufacturers

Maintaining quality is a challenging task when incorporating more recycled materials into products.

The challenge of incorporating recycled materials into products is maintaining quality. The latest color formulation technology is addressing this problem by allowing recycled polymers to produce more consistent colors. Brand owners are committing to increased use of recycled materials, and suppliers are working to meet these demands by providing high-quality recycled polymers. Color is an important part of recycled polymer quality, and new technology is helping to bridge the gap between sustainability and product quality.

Check out our white paper on color formulation technology in recycling plastic for more information. 

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Webinar: Color and the Plastics Industry

In the plastics industry, maintaining a consistent standard of color is critical to ensuring quality control. Color plays a vital role in product design and branding, and variations in color can lead to costly mistakes and dissatisfied customers. In this webinar, we will dive into the world of color in the plastics industry, exploring the science behind color, and how it can be measured accurately. Join in on the discussion and learn how to quickly and accurately measure color in the plastic industry.

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Video: Measuring the Color, Gloss, and Haze of Plastics

Getting accurate color and appearance in the plastics industry can be a challenging task, but with our instruments and software solutions, it does not have to be. Our high-performance instruments, software, and controlled lighting solutions are designed to help you evaluate, reproduce, and control the color of various samples with ease. This not only reduces waste but also saves time for peak efficiency in your production process. Watch our video on measuring the color, gloss, haze of plastics.

Video:Plastic Quality

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Bench-Top Spectrophotometer

Quality control in plastic manufacturing is improved with the CM-36dG Spectrophotometer. Combining an integrated camera viewer and user-friendly design, you can expect increased productivity. The CM-36dg allows for precise color measurements of solids, pellets, and film samples. Compared to its predecessor, the CM-36dG has a wider transmission chamber, which makes measuring larger samples much easier. Get in touch with us today to find out what this instrument can do for your business.



Bench-Top Spectrophotometer

The CM-5 Benchtop Spectrophotometer is made to streamline color evaluation processes. The CM-5 Measuring in both color and haze is especially useful when analyzing transparent samples since haze can have an adverse effect on consistency and quality. The CM-5 is an all-in-one standalone device that is easy to use. Automatic startup calibration and customizable user settings ensure a comprehensive, streamlined experience. Learn more about the CM-5.


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