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January Newsletter

AR/VR devices are used in various fields of applications. These include assisting in machine operations in production, in the medical field, transport industry or the entertainment branch. Display or calibration errors distract from the wearer’s sense of immersion in the virtual world. In quality assurance they must be reliably recognized and evaluated. This opens up a new and exciting field for display measurement subject to constantly changing demands on the technology.

Display technology is an essential component of today’s digital-driven world, providing a crucial link between users and their devices and products like smartphones and touchscreen display panels in automotive. Displays must undergo rigorous evaluation and inspection, from R&D to quality control, to ensure they are consistent with the design goals and meet the required standards for performance and reliability. Accurate and efficient evaluation and inspection can be achieved with display metrology, a scientific approach that provides objective display performance indicators through measurement data. This involves using metrology instruments or system to measure the different aspects of display performance, such as brightness, color, gamut, contrast, uniformity, defects, viewing angle, etc. Learn more by visiting our Display Industry page to view our full profile of Display products.

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Augmented Reality & Super Sight

Are our dreams of super sight becoming a reality? This technology has incredible potential and could truly transform how we see and experience the world around us.

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SPIE Photonics West

San Francisco, CA
January 28th-February 2nd

Visit Konica Minolta Sensing inside the Japan pavilion at booth #3181 in San Francisco this January.

Join us as we highlight our measurement instrumentation for luminance, color, and flicker measurement. Applications covered will include AR/VR, display, and lighting. Wish to pre-schedule a visit to our booth?
Register now and let us know which date and time works best for you!

Exhibit Hall Hours: (PST)
Tuesday Jan. 31st
:     10:00am-5:00pm
Wednesday Feb. 1st: 10:00am-5:00pm
Thursday Feb. 2nd:    10:00am-4:00pm

Booth Appointment



San Francisco, CA
January 30th-February 1st

Meet Instrument Systems' Product Manager Dr. Tobias Steinel as he presents: "Validating Distortion Measurements of Wide Field-of-View Near-Eye Displays" on January 30th at 6:00pm PST during the Poster Session #12449-110. Register now to receive your free pass to visit the Exhibitor Hall SPIE AR/VR/MR event. To attend any talks/papers an additional pass is needed to be purchased.

AR/VR Paper

Featured Products:

Under-Screen Applications
ø2.1 mm Small Spot Probe

Today, many smartphones use front-facing cameras as part of the full-screen display, positioning the camera behind the screen.
This configuration requires two different pixel configurations to exist on the same display, making display gamma correction more complicated. This new positioning can cause a discrepancy in the brightness and color between the area in which the camera sits behind the screen and the other display area in question. Konica Minolta Sensing addresses this challenge with its Display Color Analyzer CA-410 Small Spot Probe.


AR/VR Display Testing

Extensive, fast and highly precise optical tests in production are a prerequisite for perfect user experience with AR/VR headsets. To meet this challenge, Instrument Systems offers the specially developed LumiTop AR/VR 2D imaging colorimeter. The LumiTop’s AR/VR lens simulates the human eye as realistically as possible and measures color and luminance just as the eye perceives them. The unique periscope design permits synchronized 2-eye measurements. And the proven LumiTop principle guarantees fast, traceable and highly accurate measurements.

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