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March Newsletter

Laser diodes have become indispensable in many industries. They have led to new and exciting applications and technologies, including facial and gesture recognition in consumer electronics, LiDAR (light detection and ranging) in cars, and material processing using high-performance diode lasers. VCSELs (vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers) are replacing EELs (edge-emitting lasers) within these new applications and technologies. Instrument Systems, a division of Konica Minolta Sensing, characterizes VCSEL arrays, including polarization analysis.

A question asked by many is, how to measure VCSEL arrays? By measuring VCSEL single emitters and arrays in the near and far-field, one can characterize VCSEL pulses, spectra, power and now even polarization. However, measuring systems for laser diodes must satisfy particular requirements. Learn more about these requirements and the challenges of spectral measurement of laser diodes with a defined error budget and traceability by visiting our VCSEL industry page.

Challenges within the VCSEL Industry

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Light and Display Webinar:

Join us for a free online webinar on Tuesday, March 29th at 2:00 pm EDT, as Randy Klimek, Sales Manager of Konica Minolta Sensing, discusses the latest developments from Instrument Systems' high quality display and lighting measurement portfolios. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Overview of light and display measurement instruments as it pertains to the automotive, aviation, consumer electronics and lighting industries
  • Review of imaging colorimeters, spectroradiometers, goniometers
  • Overview of common accessories used for various light measurement applications


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VCSEL Portfolio

Experience Instrument Systems' interactive VCSEL portfolio video! 3D sensor technology has developed into a ‘game-changer’ for smart products using vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) as efficient light sources. VCSEL-based sensor technology supports applications such as AI, internet-of-things (IoT) and AR/VR technologies; it also simplifies the integration of smart systems into our everyday chores. However, because VCSELs have special properties, their characterization is more complex than that of other typical laser sources. Watch an interactive VCSEL video highlighting Instrument Systems GmbH's portfolio of VCSEL instruments.

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SID Display Week 2022

Recognizing the advancements within the display industry, Konica Minolta Sensing’s CA-410 Display Color Analyzer with ø4mm and ø2.1mm Small Spot Probes address the importance of accuracy and usability in the evaluation of micro and small displays. Join us at the SID Display Week, May 10th-12th in San Jose, California to discuss with our in-person booth staff on instrument developments in measuring AR/VR and the recent interest with under-screen camera applications for measuring fast gamma, VESA/JEITA flicker, and display waveform. Complementing our display measurement solutions, will include our Spectroradiometer CS-2000 series and its use with pupil-size spot measurements for AR/VR Applications. Visit Konica Minolta Sensing at Booth #1319 and our sister company Instrument Systems GmbH at Booth #1127.

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Featured Products:

Advanced Calibration
from UVC to IR

Using LED calibration standards, the ACS-570 series are available in several models from UV-C to IR and are calibrated to luminous flux and luminous intensity or averaged LED intensity.
An all-in-one system for determining the radiant flux of UV-LEDs in the lab comprises a combination of the well-proven Instrument Systems spectroradiometers, such as the CAS series, with integrating spheres made from PTFE facilitate high sensitivity measurements of UV radiant flux. All Instrument Systems UV measurement solutions with PTFE integrating spheres are delivered with a PTB traceable calibration.

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ACS & ACU Series

Review our ACS & ACU series brochure by Instrument Systems.  See how
advanced technology helps meet ever-advancing calibration standards. One of the many topics covered includes a review of the advanced calibration standards on LED basis are available in white, RGB, UV and IR. Also discussed is a focus on reference values for radiant or luminous flux, averaged LED intensity and luminance traceable to PTB standards. See how our ACS 570 model with its array of adapters make it easy to use for a variety of spheres to monitor a number of systems; including those in need of luminous flux measurements.

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