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Your Guide To Color Consistency In Paint and Coatings: Free On-Demand Color Webinar

Learn how to gain accurate color consistency in your paint and coatings through our informative on-demand webinar. Delve into the principles of Colorimetry and Spectrophotometry, and understand their significance in addressing color consistency challenges within supply chain processes. As you navigate through the complexities of the supply chain process, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the various factors that contribute to color perception and accuracy.

Watch our on-demand webinar for valuable insights on maintaining color consistency in the Paint and Coatings Industry.

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Limited Offer: Upgrade To A Top Quality Color Instrument And Save Money

Our spectrophotometers are designed with precision and accuracy in mind, to help you achieve the consistent color control you need. For a limited time, we are offering a trade-in discount on our industry-leading spectrophotometers and colorimeters. If you trade in your old Konica Minolta color instrument or a competitor's color measurement device, you can save more on a spectrophotometer that will improve the way you approach color control. Do not let outdated or unreliable equipment hold you back any longer. Take advantage of this limited-time offer before it's too late.

Limited time offer

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Whitepaper: Best Practices for Color Formulation in Paint

The color formulation process of paint requires standardizing conditions and procedures to match color standards efficiently. You want your colors to be precise throughout the process because minor discrepancies can result from external factors. Color measurement devices such as spectrophotometers and color formulation software are essential to achieve the right color with minimal time and waste. Check out our white paper on the Best Practices in Color Formulation.

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Video: Learn to measure Color in the Paint Industry 

Color measuring is essential when working with paints, paste, and coatings. A brand's colors must be uniform throughout all products. However, utilizing various materials in your formulas can cause those colors to appear slightly different. Paint and coating companies can leverage high-performance software, controlled lighting solutions, and measurement instruments to match colors and meet color quality standards more efficiently. Watch our Video on Measuring color in paint to learn more!

Video: Color in Paint

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Portable sphere spectrophotometer

The CM-26dG spectrophotometer can measure color and true gloss simultaneously and is designed for usage in hard-to-reach areas. The head is curved to fit into tight spaces such as the corners of walls or tables. When testing large samples, the 26dG increases productivity, allowing for better communication across the supply chain, from the supplier to the final product. Its ergonomic, lightweight design makes it simple to use for everyone in your organization. Find out more about the CM-26dG from our link below!



Bench-Top Spectrophotometer

Introducing the Spectrophotometer CM-36dG, the first benchtop color and gloss spectrophotometer in the industry, which measures both color and true gloss simultaneously using an internal ISO 2813 compliant 60° gloss sensor. The CM-36dG is a bench-top instrument with high precision and dependability that can measure color in reflectance or transmittance. It is perfectly suited for a range of products, including paints and coatings. Check out the CM-36dG today!



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