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November Newsletter

Smile for a selfie. Most smartphone users today use their phones to take photos and more specifically selfies. But where did the word 'selfie' originate? The selfie terminology was coined ten years ago from an Australian posting a photo of his injured lip with a caption "... sorry about the focus, it was a selfie".

Today people worldwide are taking selfies with their smartphones.  But the selfie camera takes up extra room, room that limits the size of the display while making the phone larger. There is therefore a great demand to hide the camera under the display, eliminating the typical border, or notch, above the display.This ability to have a camera underneath the surface of a smartphone screen comes with its own development and production challenges.

One of these challenges is the pixels of the OLED display and its uniformity. The display in front of the camera interfere with the light reaching the camera sensor resulting in unclear and blurry images. And the camera can be seen behind the display. Careful measurements of the small area in front of the camera are used to correct these effects using software.

Konica Minolta Sensing's CA-VP402 display analyzer probe is an instrument that is able to address this need.

Learn more about the challenges of under screen camera applications with our article: Introducing Small Spot Display Measurements.

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OLED & Flexible Screens

Continuous advancements in OLED and QD-OLED technology involve: televisions, lighting fixtures, VR headsets, and bendable phones. Read our blog "Flexible Screens With OLED Technology".

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SPIE Photonics West

San Francisco, CA
January 28th-February 2nd

Visit Konica Minolta Sensing inside the Japan pavilion at booth #3181 in San Francisco this January.

Join us as we highlight our measurement instrumentation for luminance, color, and flicker measurement. Applications covered will include AR/VR, display, and lighting.

Exhibit Hall Hours: (PST)
Tuesday Jan. 31st
:     10:00am-5:00pm
Wednesday Feb. 1st: 10:00am-5:00pm
Thursday Feb. 2nd:    10:00am-4:00pm

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USC Application Video

Under-Screen Camera

Our AR/VR applications uses our small spot probe CA-VP404 for quality control within the production line where routine measurement is needed. View our video that covers the benefits of our color analyzer CA-410 series, small spot specifications, and the unique applications of head-mounted displays for AR/VR applications. In addition addressed is the under-screen camera application.


Featured Products:

Small Spot & Working Distance Probes

Konica offers our CA-VP402 High Sensitivity Probe which is capable of Φ2.1 mm small spot sized measurements on such displays as Micro-OLEDs. CA-VP404 High Sensitivity Probe for Φ4mm spot measurements is also available for wider luminance measurement range. Also we offer the CA-VP410T Long Working Distance Probe. This probe allows multi-angle measurements and still provides full advantages of using the CA-410 series. This is especially beneficial in evaluation of the angular characteristics of curved displays and also useful in applications where distance from the item being measured is necessary. Learn more are our two latest advanced high-sensitivity probes CA-VP427A and CA-VP410A by viewing our probe specification data sheet.

Data Sheet


Camera Fixture

Konica Minolta Sensing offers a special jig software which helps to locate the center position of the under screen camera (USC) area. The jig allows for simultaneous measurement of USC areas side by side at a distance of approximately 10mm. The challenges of measuring under-screen camera (USC) applications are addressed with our specialized under-screen camera fixture coupled with our CA-VP402 Small Spot Probes. This fixture simultaneously measures both USC area and the general area side by side within a 10mm distance.Learn more about advancements in measuring under-screen camera display applications using a ø2.1mm small spot probe.

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