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October Lighting Newsletter

As LEDs and other narrow band light sources become more and more popular in the lighting industry, accurate measurement becomes imperative. All aspects of light including color and spectral properties as well as intensity, need to be quantified. Konica Minolta measuring instruments for the lighting industry are designed to provide all the required metrics quickly, accurately and reliably. Konica Minolta has a solution for all phases in the development cycle of a light source, from research and development, design, production, QA/QC, to installation and field verification. Learn more about our wide-range of products and solutions that are available from Konica Minolta Sensing.

Lighting Industry Solutions

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Konica Minolta Sensing will be exhibiting at LightFair 2021 at Booth #2243 and highlighting our products within our spectrophotometer, spot meter and advanced lux meter product lines.

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From our Library:

Case Study
Effects of LED Street Lighting on Sleep Patterns

Can the color of street lights affect your sleep? This question required research by highly trained electrical engineers. CR Engineers of Fountain Hills, Arizona, set out to measure lighting color levels emitted by LED street lights in the City of Phoenix; in particular, the level of blue energy. CR Engineers is a consulting electrical engineering firm employing highly skilled individuals with hands-on technical backgrounds in various areas of electrical expertise. Their experience exceeds 1,000 projects ranging from low cost residential designs for local architects to large projects with construction costs over $25 million. Read this case study to see the interesting findings.

Case Study


Light Measurement
Learning Center

Light is necessary for vision. To most of us, it provides a world of visual information. The forms and colors around us are visible only when light from objects around us reaches our eye and triggers the sensation of sight. To find out more about what is light and how it can be measured browse our library on papers involving radiometry, spectroradiometry and photometry, colorimetry concepts, and lumiance meters and colorimeters and more!

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Featured Products:


The CL-500A Spectrophotometer is the guiding light in accuracy and repeatability. This innovative and highly accurate instrument is designed for the evaluation of next-generation lamps such as LED or EL illumination, and can provide precise measurements of illuminance, color temperature, Color Rendering Index (CRI), chromaticity, and spectral power distribution. This lightweight and compact handheld spectrophotometer can be used as a standalone without the need of a computer. If using a computer, it then could provide high-speed measurements using the Software Development Kit (SDK). Watch video to learn more.

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LS-150 Light Meter
Show Promotion

The LS-150 and LS-160 are highly accurate luminance meters that uses a sensor designed with a spectral response that more closely matches the V(λ) spectral luminous efficiency function of the human eye to provide measurement results that correlate well with visual evaluation. Developed to meet the needs of customers looking to measure LED brightness, the redesign of the new sensors included in the LS-150/LS-160 gives increased measurement accuracy, significantly reducing instrument and human error.Take advantage of this special show offer for a limited time save 5%.

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