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White Papers - The steps to consistent color in plastics

Expert color control at every stage of production is vital to quality control, cost, client satisfaction, and retention. Spectrophotometers and colorimeters are instruments used to illuminate an object at certain angles to detect its color. Once the lighting of a sample has been established, a standardized perspective must also be determined. Due to variations in reflection, the angle of light chosen must be as consistent as the type of light used.

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Steps to Consistent Color in Plastics
Blog: Color measurement of plastics bottles and tops
Plastic bottles

Blog: Color measurement of plastics bottles and tops

In the CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) industry, package quality is an important factor. To control quality many companies have tight specifications and controls on the color of their packaging. Color needs to be measured at different stages to ensure the final color is correct. The measurement of the color of the bottles, caps, and closures, involves four stages: product development, raw material incoming inspection, bottle preform, and cap and closure inspection at the end of the production process.

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 How to use a CM-36dG

Color can be measured in both reflectance and transmittance with the benchtop spectrophotometer CM-36dG, making it ideal for a wide range of plastic applications. By combining these two values, you can streamline quality control processes, reduce operator errors, and save money on equipment and maintenance. The following video demonstrates how to use the CM-36dG. Explore the CM-36dG's features and learn how to use it.



How to use a CM-3700A

Creating and reproducing a target color in more than one batch of material is nearly impossible without a standardized color formulation or inspection process. Color quality control systems, both within companies and between companies, can refer to the CM-3700A for its high accuracy, repeatability, and reliability. Watch our informational video to learn how to effectively create and reproduce company colors with the CM-3700A.

Video: CM-3700A

Featured Products:


Bench-Top Spectrophotometer

With the Spectrophotometer CM-3700A, you can formulate and match plastic to high color quality standards, ensuring consistency in each batch of plastic material. The bench-top Spectrophotometer CM-3700A is a versatile measuring device developed to precisely analyze the color and appearance of opaque, transparent, translucent, and fluorescent materials. Find out more about the CM-3700A below.


Bench-Top Spectrophotometer

The Spectrophotometer CM-36dG is ideal for quality control in plastic manufacturing. You can take a true 60° gloss and color reading simultaneously. The Spectrophotometer CM-36dG offers superior repeatability, which is perfect for dark-colored plastic samples. Measure various plastic surfaces such as; solids, pellets, films, and translucent and opaque samples for precise color measurement. Learn more about the CM-36dG below.


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