Newsletter Archive - May 2021
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Display Measurement Solutions for Advancements of Industrial Applications

This month highlights the popular SID Display Week Expo, but this time within a virtual platform. The display industry is constantly evolving to address measurement for never -before-seen display types and configurations. Even in light of a global pandemic, developments of new technology continues to unfold. The push for many events turning into virtual proceedings has been seen in businesses, educational and medical institutions as well as sports and social activities abroad. With these changes our society has had to quickly adjust to the demands of a virtual environment. The demand for technology to keep up with these needs has been impressive. Developments (some still in infancy stages) have included: AR/VR interactive multi sensory suits, architects able to share their proposed plans and drawings through a 'virtual walk-thru' without even hammering the first nail, doctors training residents on medical procedures, etc.

Recognizing the constant advancements within the display industry, Konica Minolta Sensing’s new probe variations for the popular CA-410 Display Color Analyzer  provides accurate and and time-saving benefits in measuring these challenging display applications.

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Please join us at SID Display Week's Virtual Expo May 17th-21st 2021 and stop by for a chat to discuss our line of progressive display measurement instruments for evaluating gamma and flicker of AR/VR micro displays and smartphone under-display cameras, using the latest CA-410 probe line-up to measure small spot area..

May 17th-21st Display Week Conference

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Join Our Presentation at
Display Week

We are excited to have Yutaka Maeda, Business Development Lead from Konica Minolta join forces with our sister companies: Instruments Systems and Radiant Vision Systems for a presentation on May 20th “Fundamentals of Display Metrology" in the Short Course section S-2 online at Display Week.This short course will provide a fundamental understanding of display metrology and introduce measurement equipment and techniques from leaders in the field.

Topics will include:the science of light and color, units of measurement, metrology systems, visual display characteristics, and solutions for testing emerging displays from MicroLED to AR/VR devices.

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Under-Screen Camera Display Measurement

The cellphone industry is continuously introducing new applications and savvy features at lighting speed. One of these developments is the adoption of an all-screen, bezel-less front display, replacing the more familiar smartphone of one which includes notch, holes, and traditional pop-up camera features.
This advancement in seamless displays which includes a front-facing camera that sits behind the display, requires instruments that can measure and accommodate this new technology. Konica Minolta Sensing offers instruments that can assist in this application.

Read more about these challenges and our solutions in the measurement of these Under-Screen Camera Applications.

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Featured Products:

CA-410 Series for
Small Spot Measurements

The CA-VP402 Small Spot Probe is suitable for HDR applications and capable of measuring JEITA/VESA flicker and fast gamma rays. It is also specialized to measure micro and small displays. These displays include Micro-OLED displays within the AR/VR industry and the more recent trend of smartphone under-screen camera applications. Ideal for applications requiring small area measurements ranging from low luminance measurements, to high-speed, high accuracy measurements.

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CS-2000A for
Pupil Sized Measurements

Konica Minolta Sensing offers a special attachment for our CS-2000A Spectroradiometer that measures virtual images, corresponding to pupil size. This instrument can also help define and verify your standard measurements of head-mounted displays (HMD) used with Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR). This is especially useful within the Information Communication Technology Industry (ICT) where the accurate measurement of near-eye displays are a necessity.

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