November 2021 Light and Display Newsletter
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November 2021 Newsletter

In the last few years UV-LEDs have become an attractive alternative to conventional UV lamps. They are now smaller, inexpensive and can be used more efficiently extending its usage in applications such as water treatment plants, air sterilization, hardening, coating, surface inspection or lighting for indoor gardening. It is necessary for the spectral properties of the UV-LED to be sufficient for the respective application being evaluated. Accurate knowledge of the emitted spectrum of UV-LEDs are required during the production process for each individual UV-LED.

Due to the sensitivity of UV-LEDs, test methodology plays a key role in providing accurate measurements. Reliable and accurate measurement of the radiant flux of UV-LEDs calls for extremely sensitive optical measurement systems for precise radiometric characterization. Instrument Systems GmbH is pioneering this area of spectral measurements.

Instrument Systems provides a measurement system consisting of an integrating sphere with PTFE-coating and a highly precise spectroradiometer for fast 24/7 quality control.

Our system experts will be pleased to provide competent advice on your particular application. Together we will find the right solution don't hesitate to contact us!

Enjoy UV Blog:

Using UV Light to Kill Bacteria

Read our blog "Using UV Light to Kill Bacteria" to learn about the developments and usage of UV and its use as a disinfectant. Topics include: a brief history of UV, evolution of UV-LED, developments within UV and UVGI and instruments measuring UV.

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Current UV Brochures:

UV Measurement

Enjoy the brochure by Instrument Systems entitled "ISP PTFE- Integrating Spheres for UV Measurement". This brochure focuses on UV measurement used for laboratory and production environments. Learn more abut the PTFE integrating spheres new generation models and their high sensitivity for UV and its flexible optical ports and equipment design features and its PTB and NIST traceable calibration.

PTFE Brochure


Advanced Calibration

Review the brochure "ACS & ACU Series" and read how Instrument Systems addresses advanced calibration standards from UVC to IR with its ACS and ACU series. Learn how ACS calibration standards provide reference values for radiant or luminous flux, averaged LED intensity and luminance.

ACS Brochure

Learn More:

Measurement System for UV Radiation

Listen to the presentation "Measurement Systems in the UV A/B/C Range" by Denan Konjhodzic, Application Engineer from Instrument Systems GmbH. Discussion will review ho many companies and research institutions today have adopted UV radiation as a tool for their projects and research. With this adoption brings the need for instruments providing reliable measurement of these UV ranges from experts within the field.  Today there exists no reference standard for the total radiant flux in the UVB and UVC spectral region. Instrument Systems addresses this by offering traceable UV LED calibration standards.

Watch UV Talk

Measuring Blue Light Hazard

The blue light hazard (BLH) measuring station from Instrument Systems evaluates and classifies LED lamps and luminaires according to blue light hazard as described in Standards IEC 62471 and IEC/TR 62778.

These individual system components in its high-end portfolio are consistently ongoing technological upgrades to ensure that they satisfy current requirements. Precise BLH measurements on the basis of the established CAS 140D spectroradiometer guarantee the greatest possible safety in the classification of tested lamps and luminaires in die BLH risk classes.

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