Reference systems for UV-LED production

UV_LEDUV-LED lab measuring stations are for testing new products or, e.g. building reference systems for UV-LED production. In order to cater for new measurement scenarios, the individual system components of the high-end portfolio from Instrument Systems are subject to ongoing technological improvement.

Key Features:

  • High sensitivity in the UV from 200 nm
  • Calibration traceable to PTB
  • Very low stray light level
  • Optional: stray light correction matrix for best-possible measurement accuracy


Reliable and accurate measurement of the radiant flux of UV-LEDs calls for extremely sensitive optical measurement systems for precise radiometric characterization. This is particularly applicable to the spectral range of UVB and UVC-LEDs that typically have a comparatively low optical power.

Individual configuration

The multitude of product versions and optional accessories make this highly flexible system solution from Instrument Systems ideal for extensive measurement of UV-LEDs during the development process or in quality control.

Our system experts will be pleased to provide competent advice on your particular application. Together we will find the right solution – just ask us!

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System configuration

An all-in-one system for determining the radiant flux of UV-LEDs in the lab typically comprises some of the following products

ISP 250

Integrating Spheres UV

Instrument Systems offers complete measurement solutions for UV-A, -B and -C radiation starting from 200 nm. The operation of the well-proven Instrument Systems spectroradiometers, e.g. CAS series, with integrating spheres made from PTFE facilitate high sensitivity measurements of UV radiant flux.

CAS 140D Array Spectroradiometer

CAS 140D Array Spectroradiometer

The CAS 140D represents the fourth generation of the worldwide extremely successful series of high-end array spectrometers from Instrument Systems.

EOP Optical Probe

EOP Optical Probe

Instrument Systems provides a range of optical probes for measuring irradiance and illuminance, and also for general coupling of light into the spectrometer.

SpecWin Light Spectral Software

SpecWin Light Spectral Software

SpecWin Light was developed for those applications that did not require the full functionality of SpecWin Pro. The interface was designed to be simple, and intuitive.


SpecWin Pro Spectral Software

The SpecWin Pro software offers the highest degree of functionality for Instrument Systems spectrometer operation.