Instrument Systems LED and Display Measurement

Complete Light Measurement with CAS 140 Series - Konica Minolta SensingInstrument Systems is a frontrunner in developing state-of-the-art light measurement equipment, software, and accessories, taking great pride in constructing products that provide fast, accurate readings to ensure precise data for laboratory, production and quality assurance testing. All Instrument Systems products have stringent quality and performance requirements to ensure that customers get the highest quality equipment. As a leading supplier world-wide, they provide cost-sensitive support to a diverse clientele to help them measure luminance, flux, intensity, illuminance, and chromaticity of LEDS, lamps and displays throughout all aspects of product development and production.

With a diverse assortment of tools ranging from simple monochromatic light sensing cameras to the highly complex systems for photometric and radiometric analysis, Instrument Systems has an instrument to meet your needs for any application. All of the Instrument Systems accessories are “plug-and-play” to increase efficiency and ease of use. Instrument Systems has a dedicated research and development team to ensure that their products are on the cutting edge of innovation. Through this partnership, Konica Minolta Sensing Americas is pleased to be able to expand the types of products that will now become available to our North American clients and be able to assist you in creating well calibrated, unique, turnkey systems based on your specifications. All Instrument Systems products sold throughout the United States and Canada will be backed by Konica Minolta Sensing’s Repair and Calibration Services.