Device DLLs and LabVIEW Drivers

If you developed your own software to use with your spectrometer, Instrument Systems provides device DLLs and LabVIEW drivers for controlling the spectrometers via individually designed software. The spectrometers can be integrated into custom measurement set-ups and used in collaborations with other devices. Other software programs in various programming languages are included.

DLLs enable remote control of all spectrometer functions. They also calculate results and capture spectra. Included with these devices are the appropriate routines for calculating radiometric, colorimetric, and photometric values. The DLL designed for the CAS 140 D/CT is optimized for high measurement speeds. This supports critical production application.

Each LabVIEW driver corresponds to an extension of each DLL. Functionality of LabVIEW drivers becomes available as a LabVIEW Vis. Instrument Systems includes sample Vis to help adopt this type of programming.

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Further Information

Spectrometer Device DLL LabVIEW Driver Comments
CAS140 D/CT yes yes
MAS40 yes yes
SPECTRO320 yes yes R4 and R5 only

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