SpecWin Light Spectral Software

SpecWin Light Spectral Software

SpecWin Light was developed for those applications that did not require the full functionality of SpecWin Pro. The interface was designed to be simple, and intuitive. SpecWin Light supports the MiniGON goniophotometer, MAS 40 and CAS 140B/CT spectrometers in addition to the LED-720 current source from the LED Station Series. SpecWin Light provides basic functions for measurement, documentation and analysis. It is ideal for routine applications in the laboratory and in quality control.

The SpecWin Light software also has the option to acquire and document a series of measurements. Set-up options and relevant measurement parameters can be selected from a list for inclusion in documentation. Each measurement is put into a continuous results table which can easily be exported to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

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  • Windows compatible
  • Ideal for spectrometers in the CAS 140B/CT and MAS 40 series
  • Use of the LED-720 current source and our MiniGON goniophotometer is fully supported


  • Spectral analysis of all types of light source
  • LED measurements
  • Display measurements

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