On Demand Webinars

On-Demand Webinars

Konica Minolta Sensing is excited to offer our most highly attended webinars now in a Flash video format, accessible when and where you want it. Your time is valuable and your schedule hectic, these webinars are available 24/7 for you to view. Receive all the benefits of a live webinar without having to log on at a specific time. Play, pause, rewind or fast forward, you control the pace.

Color Measurement

Measuring Surface Appearance with the Rhopoint IQ-S

Where standard gloss meters only measure gloss, the Rhopoint IQ-S is an effective solution for detection and measurement of all surface imperfections.

The Rhopoint IQ-S provides key measurement of not only Gloss but also RSPEC*, Reflectance Haze, Distinctness of Image, Reflected Image Quality, and Goniophotometric Profile. Additionally IQ-S gloss measurements are fully compatible with existing Micro-TRI-gloss – S results.

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Fundamentals of Color

This webinar focuses on the basics of color and how to measure it. Learn why color measurement can with useful within your own company and how you can achieve color consistency throughout your processes.

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Color in the Paint and Coatings Industry

Color is fundamental for the Paints and Coatings Industry. Understand what color is and how instruments measure color. Discover industry specific examples of how color measurement tools are used by companies to measure their products.

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Color and the Plastics Industry

Maintaining a consistent standard of color within the plastics industry is essential to quality control. This webinar examines color within the Plastics industry, looking at what color is and explains how tools can be used to measure color to achieve a higher quality output.

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Rhopoint TAMS

For maximum impact, the surface quality of an automotive paint finish must instantly produce an appealing visual sensation for the customer. Rhopoint TAMS imitates the functions of the human eye and mimics the sensations that take place in the brain using double focus image technology. Join us for this webinar focused on the use, calibration and benefits of The Rhopoint TAMS.

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Exploring Transmission Haze

Unlike reflection haze, which is caused by a microscopic surface structure which slightly changes the direction of a reflected light causing a bloom adjacent to the specular (gloss) angle. Transmission haze occurs when light passes through a transparent material and creates an unfocused or blurry appearance of the objects behind it. Inconsistent transmission haze can be problematic in a number of materials and applications. Some industries regulate the haze of a product and can be essential to the product’s production. The only universal solution is to gain a true understanding of all the variables involved in the process. Join us as we dive deep into this discussion.

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CM-M6 The Role of Multiangle Spectrophotometers in Color Measurement

Learn how you can meet the challenges of measuring metallic and pearlescent coatings as well as curved surface samples such as front and rear bumpers, vehicle mirror bodies or door handles fast, accurately and repeatedly.

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Measuring Color & Gloss with the high performance Spectrophotometer CM-26dG

Meeting the manufacturing specifications in quality inspection is always the challenge. An instrument with high measurement accuracy minimizes the risk of inconsistencies and instability in quality management. View our webinar to learn how this risk for rework, waste, and rejects can be eliminated by using the CM-26dG to communicate throughout the entire supply chain.Measuring Color & Gloss with the high performance Spectrophotometer CM-26dG

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Light Measurement

Instrumentation for LED Test and Measurement

Led by Konica Minolta and Instrument Systems, the world leaders in LED measurement systems, this webinar will explore the powerful solutions for determining luminous flux, luminous intensity, color parameters, spectrum, and spatial radiation patterns of LEDs. Differences between photometers and colorimeters and different spectrometer types will be discussed. Desirable properties in spectrometers and the tradeoffs in choosing different features will be covered. We will also discuss LED measurement metrics and the accessories needed to obtain them. Following this webinar, LED or lighting designers will have a better understanding of various turnkey solutions available to help develop new products efficiently and accurately.

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Light & Display Webinar

An educational webinar on the fundamentals of light and display measurement. This light and display measurement webinar covers the basics of color theory, color management, lighting science, display characterization and keys to successfully implementing light measurement technologies. Learn how advanced light and display measurement technology can increase your productivity, raise your quality standards, and improve your manufacturing processes.

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Measuring Light and Display within the Automotive Industry

Learn the essentials of color theory, lighting science, and more. This engaging seminar will show how advanced light and display measurement technology can increase your productivity, raise your quality standards, and improve your manufacturing processes. Konica Minolta Sensing recognizes that it is imperative that brightness and color-related standards for quality remain consistent from vehicle to vehicle. Our equipment enables you to accurately measure interior/exterior lighting, as well as the evaluation of micro, curved and small displays to ensure vehicle specifications are met or exceeded. Discussions will also include light and display applications as it pertains to vehicle evaluations.

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Advancements in Display Applications Using the CA-410 Display Color Analyzer

Learn how advanced light and display measurement technology can increase your productivity, raise your quality standards, and improve your manufacturing processes with discussions in illuminance, color, gamma and optical waveform measurements. Hear about the latest developments from Konica Minolta Sensing on display measurement with a special emphases on the CA-410 Display Color Analyzer.

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Instrument Systems: We Bring Quality to Light

Instrument Systems has set valid standards for highly accurate spectroradiometric measurement in the LED industry worldwide. To this end, for many years we have been engaged in standardization committees and associations such as DIN and CIE, and cooperate with the leading metrological institutes. This on-demand webinar givens an overview of Instrument Systems high quality display and lighting measurement instrumentation portfolio.

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Aerospace Display Measurement

This on-demand webinar gives an overview of instruments measuring light and display within the aviation industry. It provides detail on instruments compatible with night vision imaging systems, 2D imaging camera systems, spot meters for consistent luminance and color measurement within the flight deck and AR/VR applications using heads up displays and near eye displays.

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Benefits Of Hyperspectral Imaging In Food Processing

Hyperspectral imaging (HSI) is a non-contact, non-destructive technology that can determine both the color appearance and chemical composition of food or other items. It captures a spectrum for every pixel in the field of view, allowing it to differentiate between different materials. HSI can rapidly detect foreign objects such as wood, plastics, bones, etc. In addition, food qualities like water content, meat tenderness, and mold spots may also be checked.

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Achieve Significant Savings using Hyperspectral Imaging to Optimize Food Processing Operations

Recalls can substantially impact your bottom line. By implementing a hyperspectral imaging solution in your food production line you can significantly improve your food inspection and detect any flaws before they become larger. Hyperspectral imaging can rapidly detect foreign objects such as wood, plastics, bones, etc. Additionally, qualities like water content, meat tenderness, and mold spots can also be checked.

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Quantitative Analysis with Hyperspectral Imaging

Explore the use of Hyperspectral Imaging (HSI) technology for quantitative analysis in the agri-food sector, focusing on its transformative role in measuring key quality parameters like fat content in meat and moisture levels in rice. Viewers will be introduced to HSI fundamentals, from data acquisition to preprocessing, and explore case studies demonstrating HSI’s superiority over traditional analysis methods. Tailored for professionals and researchers in the food industry, this webinar will provide them with the insight needed to employ HSI technology to improve food quality and safety assessments without the complexity of machine learning integration.

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