Industry Applications

Konica Minolta Sensing measuring instruments are a natural extension of our advanced optical and image processing technologies. A high precision instrument is an essential element in design, R&D, quality assurance and quality control in a variety of industries. For example in automotive, there is a wide range of measurement needs for car body exterior, interior parts, headlights, dashboard, etc.  Konica Minolta Sensing has extensive solutions for measuring color, appearance, luminance and illuminance.

Customers have found our bench and portable spectrophotometers, colorimeters are essential for color management in many different manufacturing environments. Our products offer a wide range of solutions for material with solid state, liquid, powder, paste. Opaque or transparent materials. In addition to, materials with a flat surface, curvature large or tiny.

The display industry relies on our Display Color Analyzer for quality control and color adjustment by taking advantage of fast and accurate measurement. Our spectroradiometers serve for analysis of spectral characteristic of various light sources.

When accurate, consistent measurements of color, appearance, luminance and illuminance are essential to the success of your products or services. Trust Konica Minolta Sensing Americas’ expertise to match you with the right instrument for your application.

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics
Textiles & Apparel
Building Materials