Surface Paint Quality Scanner

State of the Art Scanning System of Paint Defects in the Production Line

There is always a challenge to achieve a consistent high quality surface on a car body during production. The goal of the manufactures is to reduce defects and, quickly and accurately fix the ones that occur.

EINES, the established name in European Automotive Industry for surface inspection has arrived to Americas with Konica Minolta’s global support network. The EINES® esφi Paint-Quality Scanner can quickly scan a wide range of coating processes in car a body.

As Konica Minolta Group Company, EINES® customers will benefit from global Sales and Support capabilities of a global company.


  • The EINES® esφi Paint-Quality Scanner detects car body defects such as dents, ripples, craters, etc. It can also detects pinholes and other microdefects
  • The tunnel scanner analyzes the whole car body surface with more than 60K images from top to bottom for a wide variety of defects and ID’s their exact location
  • “The EINES® esφi Paint-Quality Scanner is the first system able to scan on a moving line, even on a line of short cycle times (high speed line)
  • There is no need to stop the line while scanning a car body, which means no interruption of production tact times resulting in higher productivity and efficiency
  • The EINES® esφi Paint-Quality Scanner can scan a wide range of coating process on the car body, besides the finished surface of C-Coat, its outstanding image processing capability can be used to scan the Primer and E-Coat process, detecting defects and contaminations at early an stage allowing countermeasures to be taken immediately without downtime, saves rework, time, and energy

Cars passing through EINES tunnels


  • High detection performance remarkably reduces visual inspection by human eyes. Operators can concentrate on refinishing critical defects without spending time on identifying them
  • Operating the EINES® esφi Paint-Quality Scanner requires minimal training and maintenance to keep it running
  • Small footprint with no robotic moving parts enable it to fit any production line with little to no modification, especially older lines having limited space for new tools
  • The Scanner can be easily adapted to work with all current car models and future car models of similar dimensions
  • The scanner can accommodate a wide range of car body sizes and colors.
  • The Human eye’s perception for defects varies by color of car body. The scanner quickly learns new colors of cars and adjusts to correct level of detection by relating it to human eye perception
  • The reduced dimensions of the vision booth, with light aluminum structure, allows a quick installation on site without costly conveyor modifications

The EINES® esφi Paint-Quality Scanner is ready for future expansions by interfacing with forthcoming robotic refinishing systems providing the necessary type and exact location of defect. This will further enhance productivity, efficiency and cost reductions.

EINES® has developed State of the Art Solutions for Surface Inspection, 3D Guidance and Quality Control Systems for the Automotive Industry. The company’s focus on the Automotive Industry reflects by many installations enjoying reference status for these applications on a global scale.


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