Radiant Vision Systems engineers advanced imaging systems to critically evaluate light, color, manufacturing integrity, and surface quality of illuminated displays and device assemblies. World leaders in manufacturing rely on Radiant Vision Systems for test and measurement solutions that ensure quality, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies. Radiant products include TrueTest™ Automated Visual Inspection systems for measurement and control, ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers, lenses for view angle performance measurement, and the most extensive machine vision software tool library for production-level measurement and control. We back our systems with outstanding consultative technical support, ensuring that our clients enjoy and leverage all the value built into their systems.

Imaging Colorimeters & Photometers

Imaging Colorimeters

ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeters

The world’s fastest and most accurate high-resolution imaging colorimeters. ProMetric® I imaging colorimeters are designed to address the demands for high-volume manufacturing of displays, backlit components, light sources, and device components. Applying tristimulus color filter technology based on standard CIE color-matching functions, ProMetric I provides highly accurate color and luminance measurements for lab testing and production-level inspection.

Imaging Photometer

ProMetric Y Imaging Colorimeters

Fast, small-format photometers for production testing of displays, devices, and surfaces. ProMetric® Y is a series of performance imaging photometers designed for high-volume production testing of displays, keyboards, lighting products, device components, and surfaces. ProMetric Y imaging photometers combine scientific-grade image sensors with photopic filters that capture values of light that reflect standard human visual perception of brightness according to CIE functions.

ProMetric I-SC Solution

ProMetric I-SC Solution

ProMetric I-SC Imaging Colorimeter with Integrated Spectrometer. The ProMetric® I-SC Solution combines the functions of an enhanced ProMetric I Imaging Colorimeter with a high-end spectrometer to provide a single platform for spectral data capture and accurate, repeatable color measurement across devices, testing environments, and over time. The ProMetric I-SC Solution provides a single platform for measuring spectral data, luminance (cd/m2), and chromaticity (CIE xy and u’v’) to evaluate the appearance of light-emitting devices such as displays, illuminated components, and light sources.



Microscope Lens

Small device elements such as microdisplays and nano-scale light sources such as OLED, microOLED, and microLED pixels require specially designed lens options for accurate inspection. The Radiant Vision Systems Microscope Lens enables high-resolution imaging of extremely small components and features, such as individual LEDs, display pixels, and subpixels.


NIR Intensity Lens Solution

Perform fast, accurate radiant intensity measurement of near-infrared (NIR) light sources and distributions with the NIR Intensity Lens, an integrated hardware and software solution. For emerging three-dimensional sensing applications at 850 or 940 nm, the NIR Intensity Lens solution ensures the performance and accuracy of devices and systems that use NIR sensing for facial and gesture recognition, eye tracking, and more,


FPD Conoscope Lens

The Radiant Vision Systems FPD (flat panel display) Conoscope Lens enables high-resolution photopic measurement of the angular distribution of color, luminance, and contrast for displays and display components. Radiant uses Fourier optics that map an emitting spot to an image sensor so that each pixel corresponds to a different emission angle.


XRE Lens

The variety of AR/VR/MR (augmented, virtual, and mixed/merged reality, collectively “XR”) devices is exploding, from immersive VR headsets to industrial MR goggles and sleek AR smart glasses. Radiant’s XRE Lens offers two configuration options, folded (“periscope”) and non-folded, enabling it to be used to inspect a wide range of near-eye devices and integration requirements.


AR/VR Lens

Radiant Vision Systems is a pioneer in display testing for AR/VR technology, offering the highest spatial resolution in light and color measurement for detecting, classifying, and preventing subtle light uniformity issues and pixel and sub-pixel defects.


True Test

TrueTest Automated Vision Inspection Software

For accurate, thorough, and rapid quality inspection and defect detection, Radiant’s TrueTest Software combines with ProMetric® Imaging Colorimeters and Photometers is a complete solution for light and color measurement.

TrueTest-ARVR Display Test Module

TrueTest-ARVR Display Test Module

TT-ARVR™ Display Test Module – evaluate the quality of immersive (VR) and transparent (AR/MR) displays integrated into near-eye devices (NEDs) such as VR headsets and smart glasses. As display images are magnified to fill a user’s field of view (FOV), display defects are also magnified.

TrueTest - Automotive Display Automotive Display Test Module

TrueTest – Automotive Display Automotive Display Test Module

Automotive displays face particular demands for performance due to variable lighting conditions, temperatures, vibrations, viewing angles, and other factors. Ensuring visual quality of displays of various shapes and sizes, with anti-glare or anti-reflective coatings, integrated into different fixtures at different positions from the driver and passengers, is a key challenge for manufacturers in the increasingly display-focused automotive market.

True Test HUD Head-up Display Test Module

True Test HUD Head-up Display Test Module

Head-up displays (HUDs) pose unique measurement challenges for manufacturers, who must account for projected image luminance, contrast, and clarity regardless of ambient conditions, virtual image positions, or focal distances on an infinite viewing plane.

True Trust -NIRI Near-Infrared Test Module

True Trust -NIRI Near-Infrared Test Module

Use Radiant’s NIR Intensity Solution with TT-NIRi to measure Near-infrared (NIR) light emissions at 850 or 940 nm, such as LEDs, lasers, and structured light patterns.

TrueMura License for TrueTest Software

TrueMura License for TrueTest Software

TrueMura™ License for TrueTest™ Software – the TrueMura license was developed to perform automated visual inspection of displays to accurately identify JND—artifacts just noticeable by a human observer.