Microscope Lens

Small device elements such as microdisplays and nano-scale light sources such as OLED, microOLED, and microLED pixels require specially designed lens options for accurate inspection. The Radiant Vision Systems Microscope Lens enables high-resolution imaging of extremely small components and features, such as individual LEDs, display pixels, and subpixels.


NIR Intensity Lens Solution

Perform fast, accurate radiant intensity measurement of near-infrared (NIR) light sources and distributions with the NIR Intensity Lens, an integrated hardware and software solution. For emerging three-dimensional sensing applications at 850 or 940 nm, the NIR Intensity Lens solution ensures the performance and accuracy of devices and systems that use NIR sensing for facial and gesture recognition, eye tracking, and more,


FPD Conoscope Lens

The Radiant Vision Systems FPD (flat panel display) Conoscope Lens enables high-resolution photopic measurement of the angular distribution of color, luminance, and contrast for displays and display components. Radiant uses Fourier optics that map an emitting spot to an image sensor so that each pixel corresponds to a different emission angle.


XRE Lens

The variety of AR/VR/MR (augmented, virtual, and mixed/merged reality, collectively “XR”) devices is exploding, from immersive VR headsets to industrial MR goggles and sleek AR smart glasses. Radiant’s XRE Lens offers two configuration options, folded (“periscope”) and non-folded, enabling it to be used to inspect a wide range of near-eye devices and integration requirements.


AR/VR Lens

Radiant Vision Systems is a pioneer in display testing for AR/VR technology, offering the highest spatial resolution in light and color measurement for detecting, classifying, and preventing subtle light uniformity issues and pixel and sub-pixel defects.