NIR Intensity Lens Solution

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Perform fast, accurate radiant intensity measurement of near-infrared (NIR) light sources and distributions with the NIR Intensity Lens, an integrated hardware and software solution. For emerging three-dimensional sensing applications at 850 or 940 nm, the NIR Intensity Lens solution ensures the performance and accuracy of devices and systems that use NIR sensing for facial and gesture recognition, eye tracking, and more. Measure NIR LEDs and lasers to assess Time-of-Flight (ToF) light-based proximity sensing and evaluate dot patterns produced by diffractive optical elements (DOE). The NIR Intensity Lens solution is an integrated camera/lens solution using a ProMetric® Imaging Radiometer with TrueTest™ Software and TT-NIRI™ Test Module.

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  • Accurate and reliable measurement of radiant intensity up to ±70° angle.
  • High angular resolution (up to approximately 0.05 degrees per image sensor pixel).
  • Efficient operation, capturing data for all angles simultaneously. Faster than goniometric systems for analyzing angular data.
  • Compact form factor.
  • Combination of low cost, high performance, and flexibility.
  • Easy-to-use measurement control and analysis software.


Parameter NIR Intensity Lens (Camera and Lens Solution)
Primary application Near-IR radiant intensity distribution measurement
Integrated camera ProMetric® Imaging Radiometer
Working distance 30 mm 3 mm
Sampling size Up to 4 mm diameter
Field of view ± 50° ± 70°
Approx. Resolution 0.03° / sensor pixel 0.05° / sensor pixel
Wavelength 850 nm, 940 nm*
Measurement capabilities Radiant Intensity, Power, Radiant Flux
Units W/sr, W
Additional analysis features Export to text file, cross-sections, points of interest, radar plots

*For applications at wavelengths outside of 850 nm or 940 nm, please speak to a Radiant sales representative.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

System Recommendations:

  • TT-NIRI™ Software
  • Windows® 10, 64 bit
  • 16-32 GB RAM

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