Color Measurement Basics

An infinite number of colors surround us in our everyday lives. We all take color pretty much for granted, but it has a wide range of roles in our daily lives: not only does it influence our tastes in food and other purchases, the color of a person’s face can also tell us about that person’s health. Even though colors affect us so much and their importance continues to grow, our knowledge of color and its control is often insufficient, leading to a variety of problems in deciding product color or in business transactions involving color. Since judgement is often performed according to a person’s impression or experience, it is impossible for everyone to control color accurately using common, uniform standards. Is there a way in which we can express a given color* accurately, describe that color to another person, and have that person correctly reproduce the color we perceive? How can color communication between all fields of industry and study be performed smoothly? Clearly, we need more information and knowledge about color.

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Color Collage