TrueTest-ARVR Display Test Module

TT-ARVR™ Display Test Module – evaluate the quality of immersive (VR) and transparent (AR/MR) displays integrated into near-eye devices (NEDs) such as VR headsets and smart glasses. As display images are magnified to fill a user’s field of view (FOV), display defects are also magnified. Issues with uniformity of brightness and color, dead pixels, line defects, cloudiness, and image position become more evident to the user whose eyes are merely centimeters away from display screens. TT-ARVR can be used with Radiant’s AR/VR Lens or XRE Lens solutions to capture a complete set of NED measurement parameters including distortion, MTF, contrast, focus uniformity, and more.

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  • Quickly apply pre-defined tests for AR/VR display measurement.
  • Accurate analysis of spatial data from images captured by wide-field-of-view optics.
  • Software test sequencing and API device integration to control display test images in conjunction with software analyses, enabling automated production-level testing.
  • Spatial x,y positions reported in degrees (°); note image position within the context of vertical and horizontal FOV.
  • Data analysis functions, including bitmaps, isoplots, and cross-sections.


Current Version:

Ver. 1.8.650.29

Supported Products:

  • ProMetric Y Series Photometers: Y2, Y16, Y29, Y43, Y45, Y61
  • ProMetric I Series Colorimeters: I2, I8, I16, I29, I61
  • ProMetric I-SC Solution: I61-SC
  • XRE Lens
  • AR/VR Lens

System Requirements:

  • ProMetric Imaging Photometer or Colorimeter or ProMetric I-SC Solution
  • XRE Lens or AR/VR Lens
  • Windows® 10, 64 bit
  • 16-32 GB RAM
  • Additional system requirements vary by camera.

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