True Trust -NIRI Near-Infrared Test Module

Use Radiant’s NIR Intensity Solution with TT-NIRi to measure Near-infrared (NIR) light emissions at 850 or 940 nm, such as LEDs, lasers, and structured light patterns. A Radiant NIR test solution captures and processes data much faster and more consistently than a goniometric or spot measurement device to capture total flux, max power, angular distribution, and more. DOE dot source analytics offer comprehensive radiometric data, which cannot be acquired using alternative methods such as casting a dot pattern against a wall or other Lambertian surface.

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  • Quickly apply pre-defined tests for NIR emission measurement.
  • Characterize emitters in the lab for R&D; use data as a benchmark during production for real-time quality control.
  • Capture comprehensive angular measurements simultaneously for optimal production-line efficiency.
  • Software test sequencing and hardware integration allow automated production-level testing.
  • Easily transition data files within the Radiant family of software.
  • Use data analysis functions including bitmaps, isometric plots, radar plots, and cross-sections.


Current Version:

Ver. 1.8.610.19

Supported Products:

  • NIR Intensity Lens solution

System Requirements:

  • NIR Intensity Lens solution
  • Windows® 10, 64-bit
  • 16-32 GB RAM
  • Additional system requirements vary by camera.


Specifications subject to change without notice.

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