Aerospace Industry Solutions

Advances in display technology within the aerospace industry give rise to high expectations on cockpit display quality. Evaluating the quality and performance of displays needs to be clearly and accurately conveyed to pilots.

Displays must maintain legibility during both day and nighttime and at a range of viewing angles. It must perform under harsh conditions like fluctuating temperatures and extreme vibrations. Learn more about our offers with Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) as it relates to displays in the aerospace industry. As well as the importance of instruments that can measure the complete lighting and display systems for the entire aircraft including NVIS compatibility.

In addition, measuring display performance parameters such as luminance and color uniformity, gamma, contrast ratio and color gamut provides a comprehensive detection of subtle flaws.

Color and appearance can also make all the difference in your product, especially when managing metallic, pearlescent, gloss, and other more complex finishes internally and externally of an aircraft. High-quality color measurement instrumentation ensures that color and finish quality remain consistent throughout the entire manufacturing process.

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