CS-3000 Spectroradiometer


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The CS-3000 Series models improve on the outstanding optical design and signal processing technology of the CS-2000 and CS-2000A while providing the high precision needed for standard value measurement of displays and other light sources.

The new CS-3000 series offers high-speed display measurement from jet-black to dazzling with guaranteed accuracy. Even at low luminance levels, the CS-3000 series enables precise noise-suppressed measurement over the entire measurement wavelength range with half-width values of 5 nm or less, as recommended by CIE (CIE 122-1996). In addition to CIE 1931 xy chromaticity, the CS-3000 series can guarantee accuracy at u’v’ in the CIE 1976 UCS chromaticity diagram.

Wide dynamic range of measurement (CS-3000 HDR)

Today modern displays constantly evolve and provide even more vivid and higher-quality output. To meet the measurement needs of these advanced devices, model CS-3000 HDR enables precise measurement at the 1° measurement angle often used in standard value measurements. The CS-3000 HDR supports a wide dynamic range spanning ultra-low to high luminance levels. In addition to the LCD and OLED types commonly used today, it can measure standard values in HDR displays that use micro- or mini-LEDs. Luminance range with guaranteed accuracy (for luminance measurement at 1° measurement angle): 0.0001 to 100,000 cd/m2

Faster measurement time

In quality assurance and control of displays, reducing the measurement time in R&D and production sites significantly improves work efficiency. The CS-3000HDR and CS-3000 feature the Super-Fast mode, which performs calculations faster than the conventional Fast mode. This Super-Fast mode can substantially reduce the time, such as the gamma measurement time, one of the display calibration items, to 25% or less of the time needed with conventional equipment.

Automatic measurement system

The CS-3000 series enables the user to select the measurement angle setting from 1°, 0.2°, and 0.1°. The CS-3000HDR and CS-3000 can be used in a fully automatic measurement system by power-switching communication commands. This helps improve work efficiency at display development and production sites.
The minimum measurement diameter is φ0.5 mm, while an optional close-up lens enables measurement of φ0.1 mm. This supports measuring light sources in tiny areas, such as instrument panels for vehicles and aircraft and indicators for car audio systems and general displays.

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  • Eligible for ISO 17025 Certification
  • Complete data agreement with CS 2000/A which widely used as standard instrument
  • New high speed measurement modes and INTELLIGENT DARK for shorten time
  • DUT frequency detection for high speed and stable measurement
  • Shorter measurement time on NORMAL speed mode
  • Accuracy guarantee on super low luminance measurement
  • HDR high luminance measurement ability with 1 degree measuring angle
  • Motorized measurement angle switching for full automated system up


Model CS-3000HDR CS-3000 CS-2000Plus
Measurement wavelength range 380 to 780 nm
Spectrum wavelength width 5 nm max. (Half width value)
Luminance range with guaranteed accuracy
(Standard light source A)
0.0001 to 100,000 cd/m2 0.0005 to 5,000 cd/m2 0.003 to 5,000 cd/m2
0.2° 0.0025 to 2,500,000 cd/m2 0.0125 to 125,000 cd/m2 0.075 to 125,000 cd/m2
0.1° 0.01 to 10,000,000 cd/m2 0.05 to 500,000 cd/m2 0.3 to 500,000 cd/m2
Measurement time Standalone Minimum of 1 second to approx. 190 seconds Minimum of 1 second to approx. 242 seconds
Communication* Approx. 0.07 second Approx. 0.08 second
Measurement angle switching Powered Manual
Interface RS-232C, USB 2.0
Size Spectroradiometer: 158 x 262 x 392 (W x H x D) mm
Weight Approx. 7.0 kg

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