CAS 120 Array Spectroradiometer

The CAS 120 is an appealing solution for cost sensitive applications like LED production and quality assurance. This new series of CCD Array Spectroradiometers from Instrument Systems have reduced cost but their technical innovations deliver more reliability than ever before. The CAS 120 exceeds the high standards required for measuring versatile applications affordably without compromising quality.

Like the CAS 140CT, a crossed Czerny Turn Spectrograph is the center of the spectroradiometer. This ensures a very highly level of optical precision with exceptionally low straylight. A dark current shutter and an integrated density filter wheel are additional features included in the CAS 120 that sets it apart from other models.

The CCD area sensor is back-illuminated, with 2048 x 14 pixels used for all models. Enhanced dynamic range is achieved through vertical binning. To create a more cost efficient model cooling of the CCD detector has been deliberately omitted from the CAS 120. Instead, the temperature of the CCD sensor is carefully tracked each time the CAS 120 measures a spectrum and then the signal is corrected.

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  • A CCD detector that is back-lit and provides 2,048 x 14 pixels, 16-bit ADC
  • Hardware I/O trigger
  • UV-VIS spectroradiometry is highly accurate with model versions VIS and UV/VIS
  • A precision spectrograph with density filter wheel that is integrated OD 1-4
  • 4 ms integration time
  • Dark current correction achieved automatically through the unit shutter
  • Handy USB port


  • Accurate spectral measurements specifically for cost-sensitive applications (e.g. LED production or quality assurance)
  • Spectroradiometry in the UV-VIS range
  • Universal spectroradiometer for laboratory applications
  • Industrial production testing


Model Spectral range [nm] Number of pixels Spectral resolution [nm] *) Datapoint interval [nm]
CAS120-151 360 – 830 2048 x 14 2.2 0.3
CAS120-152 200 – 800 2048 x 14 2.7 0.35
CAS120-330 50 µm slit (instead of 100 µm standard slit)

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