Instrument Systems LED Measurement Accessories

It’s critical to use the appropriate LED measurement equipment and accessories when evaluating an LED’s various photometric and radiometric quantities. Because all of the test adapters Instrument Systems designs are compliant with CIE 127:2007, users are assured of compatibility between measurements. Instrument Systems has a diverse array of LED Measurement Equipment. Whether you are looking to measure average LED intensity or high power LEDs, Instrument Systems has LED test sockets that can meet your requirements. Additionally, the LED-81X/-850 model, normally used for high power LED measurement, is also passively cooled using a thermal fan and sink to ensure the longevity of the Instrument Systems LED measurement equipment and can even be set to have a temperature range of +5 to +85 degrees Celsius to control heating and cooling. Instrument Systems also makes integrating their LED measurement equipment relatively simple requiring minimal calibrations. It is recommended that to completely automate your measuring applications you consider using a software add on that was developed by Instrument Systems for SpecWin Pro.

Model Overview