EOP Optical Probe

Instrument Systems provides a range of optical probes for measuring irradiance and illuminance, and also for general coupling of light into the spectrometer. These probes differ in the degree o f light throughout, the spectral range and cosine correction. All models of optical probes offered by Instrument Systems include a diffuser for the incident light. The entrance for the optical fiber used to couple the light into the spectrometer is located directly behind this diffuser.


  • flexible optical fiber connector
  • multiple probes with different cosine correction and light throughput
  • special probe with specified field-of-view of 5.7 degrees


Model Cosine correction Light throughput Spectral range Application
with fiber bundle connector
EOP-146 very good medium 190 – 2500 nm for extended light sources
EOP-120 medium good 190 – 1700 nm universal
EOP-121 medium good 190 – 1700 nm universal, flat format housing
EOP-140 low high 190 – 2500 nm low light levels
EOP-542 n/a high 190 – 2500 nm 5.7° field-of-view
with SMA fiber connector
EOP-350 very low good 1000 – 5000 nm IR spectral range
integrating sphere
ISP40 excellent low 220 – 2500 nm solar radiation

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