Instrument Systems Spectral Software

The ability to integrate data collection with computers has become critical for staying at the cutting edge of any market. With the vast amount of data that our systems can generate it is imperative to have computer systems that can effectively quantify, analyze, and store measurements. Additionally, this software needs to be in a format that has a user-friendly interface to make reaching the data simple. In order to meet this need, Instrument Systems has created a variety of concentrated spectral software programs designed to get the most out of your LED measurement systems. Currently, Instrument Systems has spectral software to assist users with their LumiCams and spectrometers. With Instrument Systems Spectral Software, instruments in the LumiCam series are easily configured into measurement set-ups and utilized together with other instruments and are available in a variety of programming languages. For spectrometers, Instrument Systems created two levels spectral software to meet varying degrees of complexity. The first level, SPECWIN Pro is for completely comprehensive use and has many functions. The second level SPECWIN Light is for users who require simpler software with fewer functions.

Model Overview

Software package Supported instruments
For applications in the laboratory and quality assurance
SpecWin Pro CAS140B/CT, MAS40,
GON360, DTS500, TOP200
SpecWin Light LED-Station, MAS40,
CAS140B/CT, MiniGon,
For customer-specific programming
Instrument DLLs CAS140B/CT, MAS40,
LabVIEW driver CAS 140D